Holy Week Coloring Pages and Printables

Who doesn’t love printables? (Well, other than your ink cartridge 😉 Lol! These are some great activities for Holy Week, and many of these will work well for in the car for any of you who are traveling!

Over at Catholic Mom, find cross word puzzles and word searches
for Holy Thurday, Good Friday, and Easter (among other things!)


You have them cut out the different events that happened
during holy week, and then glue them in the right
order on this holy week road sheet. Cute!
from Catholic Mom.
Find lots of different holy week coloring sheets
with Good Shepherd Online.
This is a fantastic Holy Week Printout
for the whole family- even mom 🙂
Through My “I”s made this cool
Donkey printout for crafting a Palm Sunday container!
Here’s a great coloring sheet of Jesus washing
the feet of his disciples.
There are several of these fabulously detailed coloring pages-
this one is of the trial of Jesus.
Here’s a coloring page of Jesus
Coloring page of the crucifixion.

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And don’t forget about my post on printable stations of the cross! 🙂


  1. Really find your site enlightening and truly creative. I feel a little embarrassed to say that I love the poster, but I am unsure how you go about printing something like this, from a printer at home so it is easy to read. I would appreciate any help someone could give me.


  2. This is nice! The donkey is cute. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This so wonderful! I’m going to share these with my kids. It’s really educational.

  4. i so LOVE IT.

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