God’s Covenant With Mankind- A Notebooking Page For Kids

We have been continuing on our journey of religious notebooking, and today we covered the topic of God’s covenant! I have been creating these notebooking pages as a series to go along with the book Tell Me About The Catholic Faith, but you could certainly use these to teach kids about God’s covenant whether or not you are reading that book. You can find the entire 130 page pack of matching notebooking pages here

God's covenant Bible notebooking page- free to print

My Thoughts On These Pages:

Pages 36-37 TMACF are a re-cap of the stories you’ve been learning about over the past weeks, and serve as a bridge between the Old Testament pages and New Testament pages. I like this concept.

My Printables:

I designed a printable notebooking page that focuses on the covenant between God and mankind. The rainbow acts as a bridge between the Old Testament and the New Testament, which is written in on the clouds. There are then a series of clouds where the kids can draw or write sentences about the stories we’ve learned so far that show God’s covenant with us.

Lydia chose to both draw and write sentences. She drew God’s hands creating the world by “Old Testament,” and baby Jesus by “New Testament.” She drew the 10 Commandments which keep us “safe and happy,” she drew a rainbow and wrote “I promise I will never flood the Earth,” she drew a bunch of starts and wrote “You will have as many children as the stars in the sky,” she drew Moses with a burning bush and wrote “free my people,” and she drew Jonah and wrote “help.” It’s so great with these open ended notebooking pages to see what kids take away from these lessons. 🙂

Old testament to new testament notebooking page

Download God’s Covenant Notebooking Page Here

Julian is younger, so he chose to just draw pictures. I don’t remember what he told me all the pictures are, but there definitely is a burning bush, people passing through the parted sea, and the 10 commandments. Someone liked the Moses story best. 😉

god's covenant with mankind printable notebooking page

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Additional Resources:

I turned our favorite Catholic children’s Bible open to the pages in between the Old and New Testament pages, and read them what it said.

new old testament covenant

The Pack Is Now Ready For Download!!!

Edited to say- the whole pack of these notebooking pages is now complete, and you can get your set here!

The Bible has 2 main sections, the Old Testament, and the New Testament. “Testament” is another word for the sacred promise God made with people. The Bible also calls the sacred promise a covenant. God promises that if we trust in him and follow his laws we will live with him forever. He first made his promise with this Chosen People in the Old Testament. The New Testament tells how the promise was completed. God the Father sent his only Son, Jesus Christ. the New Testament is all about Jesus and his first followers.

It then has an explanation of the Gospels, Letters, and The Book of Revelation. You might try flipping your Bible open to the pages between the Old and New Testament. Who knows what you’ll find!

You can find all the links to this series here.

free catholic notebooking pages- tell me about the catholic faith


  1. Samantha Lehmann says

    We use the New Bible – but we have a Catholic Bible Stories book for kids.. What kid Bible do you use? I tend to find that they are protestant. Thanks!

    • Sorry- I originally forgot to link. I added the link to the post now. This is THE ONLY actual Bible (like, with all the verses and everything) for Catholic kids, and we love it!

  2. I love Catholic Icing!
    I wish it were around when my son was small. He is 17 now
    I still want to make some Peg dolls though
    They are such a simple and wonderful visual communication
    Love you work

    • Thanks. My mom said the same thing! Finally, she stopped fighting the urge and just ordered the pegs. She says she will set out the Easter set just like she does a nativity set, and her grandkids can play with it when they come over. Or that she will give it to someone with kids. 🙂