Fun New Easter Egg Idea- Easy Ombre Eggs

I always like to try fun new ways of decorating Easter eggs, and this is something me and the kids came up with! This is super fun and really easy and you can dye the eggs right in your egg carton as long as it’s plastic or Styrofoam. So check it out- fun new ombre Easter eggs! 

We love this fun method of dying Easter eggs for several reasons. Mostly, when we dye traditional Easter eggs, the kids always want to touch the eggs, move them often, and mix the colors. None of those things work when dying regular eggs, but with this method, they can totally touch, mix, and move the eggs however they want!

And the result of dying these ombre style eggs is so beautiful!

I have a video on YouTube that shows you quickly how to dye ombre eggs, so you can either watch that below or keep reading to see how to make these beauties yourself!


How To Dye DIY Ombre Easter Eggs

Supplies Needed

  • Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Regular Easter Egg Dye
  • Plastic Or Styrofoam Egg Carton
  • Children’s Medicine Syringe (optional) 

I used a child’s medicine syringe to put the dye into the carton. This made it easy not to spill or splash into the other egg compartments. 

Do NOT fill them all the way up. Because of the displacement when you put the egg in, you really don’t need much dye in any of the cups.

Once you have your dye ready to go, you can start sitting the eggs in their little color baths!

If the kids are bumping and moving the eggs, you just start to have this beautiful ombre effect. I think this one looks like mountains!

Then you take the same egg, and put it upside down in another color of your choice.

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You can even put the same side in another color. The results are striking! Check out this beautiful ombre egg!

The kids love this! Just let them have a good time with it!

They love seeing their creations! I think having the clear egg carton makes it extra fun so you can see what’s going on.

And here are the completed ombre eggs!

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