Make Easy Shaving Cream Eggs – IN The Carton!

I’ve been seeing shaving cream “dyed” Easter eggs floating around the interwebs, and I’ve seen people making them on cookie sheets or in muffin tins. The thing is you have to keep the eggs kinda still so you get the swirly pattern, and you need the shaving cream on both sides, which is hard to do on a cookie sheet. So I came up with a solution… making them straight in your egg carton!


If you’re concerned about the shaving cream, you can just use whipped cream with the same result, but a little stickier. 😉

Supplies Needed:

  • Eggs (hard boiled is most traditional I suppose)
  • Food Coloring (You need to use the “Neon” ones. For some reason the regular food dye doesn’t work- it just washes off. Don’t ask me why- I’m not a scientist haha)
  • Shaving Cream

And that is literally all you need! No stinky vinegar or anything! 😉

I made a video showing how to do this, and if you like my videos be sure to subscribe to the Catholic Icing YouTube Channel so you don’t miss any of them! I’ve recently been coming out with at least 1 per week. 🙂

Ok so start by removing your eggs from carton. Simple enough. Then squirt your shaving cream or whipped cream into the carton. You don’t want it to be overflowing since you need to close the lid on the eggs, so just fill the cups and lid without over-piling it.

Then drip food color onto the top.

Then swirl the colors across the top of the shaving cream with a drinking straw. You just want to swirl them, not mix them completely or stir them into the shaving cream.

When you have a fun, colorful, swirly mess, you’re ready for your eggs!

Just place your eggs back into the cups 1 at a time, right into the shaving cream.

Now you need to close the lid so that the tops of the eggs are covered in shaving cream as well. My shaving cream squished out the front a little- lol.

Now let the eggs sit there for about 15 minutes and absorb the food color. When the time is up, open the egg carton…

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Now you’re going to have a big fun colorful mess in there, and if you don’t want a big fun colorful mess on your fingers for about 24 hours, you might want to wear gloves. Otherwise, dig in. I took the “dig in” option. 😉

Just remove the eggs and either rinse off the shaving cream or wipe it and dry them with a towel.

That’s it! Your eggs are done! It really is that fun and simple! And clean up is a breeze- just toss the egg carton! 😀

The eggs take on a marbleized effect that really is strikingly beautiful!

Then I took a sharpie and added the letters for “Jesus” to the eggs for a Christ-centered Easter display.

I’m super happy with the final result! It was simple, cheap, fun, and easy to clean up. You can’t ask for a better Easter craft!

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Silly rabbit! Easter is for Jesus!!!

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Make it about the lamb, not the bunny!


  1. LOL Awesome, I am going to try this..

  2. Used regular food coloring for the shaving cream experiment and all the neat colors just washed off when the time came to rinse them. Let the rest sit for WAY longer than directions said but most still washed off. They are very faintly colored. It was fun but you must need a certain kind of dye for the eggs to keep the color!

    • So interesting! I used the “neon” colored food dyes, but definitely left for only the amount of time I suggested. I always try all my crafts first. It wasn’t expensive food color paste that I used. I wonder what went wrong?! :-/

  3. I had the same washing off problem. I think the food dyes I used (from the cake section at the hobby store – left over from another project) are water soluble. Even as such, I just washed them enough to get the shaving cream clumps off then let it dry. They turned out pretty good anyway. I wish I could show a picture. Fun idea! This was the first year I have dyed eggs with several of my kids. Thanks for making it easy!!