Lenten Crown of Thorns Transformed to Easter Nest

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One of my favorite Lenten traditions to bring meaning to the season with my children is to have a crown of Thorns. Each time you do a good deed or make a Sacrifice, you get to pull out a thorn.

Crown on thorns on a purple placemat with doily underneath.

Our crown is made from a grapevine wreath and toothpicks.

Crown of thorns close up.

Hopefully, by the end of Lent, the crown will be empty.

But once Lent is coming to an end, and the thorns have all been pulled, what do you do with your wreath? Well, on Easter morning, our wreath is transformed into a beautiful Easter nest full of Easter eggs!

Crown of thorns transformed to Easter nest

Crown of thorns turned Easter nest with colorful died easter eggs in the middle of the crown.

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The Easter nest of beautiful eggs makes a striking Easter table centerpiece full of meaning! Eggs are a symbol of the resurrection because they stand for a new life, and the shells can be empty like a tomb.

Colorful easter eggs in Crown of Thorns.

What do you do with your crown of thorns for Easter?

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Silly rabbit! Easter is for Jesus!!!

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Make it about the lamb, not the bunny!



  1. This is a beautiful idea. I love it.

  2. Tracy Bua Smith says

    Very beautiful and I pinned it on my “Easter” Pinterest board 🙂 We transform our salt dough crown of thorns into a golden crown with jewels as pictured in my post here: http://asliceofsmithlife.blogspot.com/2013/03/our-familys-holy-week-and-easter_25.html

    PS: I also linked up to your Easter idea post on my above link 🙂

    Have a blessed Holy Week and Easter Lacy!

  3. I love it! Great way to display all those eggs too. We have decorated ours with flowers and put our paschal candle in the middle…here’s an old picture!

  4. Very pretty Lacy! Have a Blessed Easter Week!

  5. you could pull a “thorn” from it every day of lent then get to Easter for the nest

  6. We made the last supper egg carton craft last year. Then, at Pentecost, we replaced Judas with Mathias, Jesus with Mary, and added small tongues of fire to the tops of their heads!
    Thanks for all the great activities you give us. Learning is just plain fun!