First Communion Party Ideas- With An Easy Cake Idea!

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I went to an amazing First Communion party last year, and I’ve been looking back over the pictures for inspiration as I plan Lydia’s party this week. I wanted to share these great party ideas with you- and thank my friend Robyn for the inspiration! 😉 Just to be extra super clear, these are pictures I took of my friend’s First Communion party.

first communion party ideas- Catholic

I’m definitely doing the same thing she did for her cakes, and that is ordering cakes. She ordered a cake with a cross that she put her own crucifix onto when she got it, and she bought 2 cheesecakes and decorated them herself with that decorating gel like hosts.

cheesecake for first communion cake

I’m pretty sure this is what we are doing for Lydia’s cake because she loves cheese cake, and I have no time to bake my own this week. (Plus, 2 of my kids have birthdays in the next 2 weeks, so I’m going to be all baked out.)

easy first communion cake idea

She also made her own centerpiece, which I think is gorgeous for First Communion!

first communion centerpiece idea

I think she said she spray-painted the container gold, filled with floral foam, and put her own fake wheat, grapes, and bread inside. So pretty!

first communion party photos

She displayed it in the center of the table along with her daughter’s Baptism certificate, and Baptismal candle. She also displayed a guestbook keepsake for everyone to sign in the middle of the table.

first communion party ideas

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Although I’m borrowing some ideas from my friend this year, she borrowed quite a few ideas from me as well! She made my jello chalice snacks, but she took it a step further- she spray painted the plastic wine cups gold before making the jell-o!

first communion party food ideas

These were such a hit with the kids!

She also had a First Communion craft to do with all of the kids at the party- make a pool noodle monstrance! She had also taken this a step further than me by spray painting the pool noodle slices gold as well. She was a spray-painting fool! 😉

first communion party craft

crafting for first communion

They also displayed her silhouette chalice craft at the party.

first communion party craft ideas

This was an awesome First Communion party! The little girl’s dad worked at the local Catholic school, so they were able to have the party at the school cafeteria, which worked out really nicely for the size of crowd they had.

first communion party ideas

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  1. This is awesome! I will definitely be borrowing several of these ideas when my son makes his First Holy Communion in a couple of years.

  2. Hey Gal!! So thrilled to see these and happy to share my ideas and that I was able to borrow yours as well! For anyone who wants to do the cheesecake, Costco has them where the slices are outlined a little, so our made our decorating simple and even!! I would do just one next time since they are so huge. Blessed first communion to all families!!

  3. Love the ideas, especially the monstrance.