First Communion Countdown Calendar (Printable!)

As First Communion rapidly approaches at our house for Lydia (yay!) I wanted a fun way for her to anticipate her big day. I came up with this printable First Communion advent calendar where the child can mark off the days as he or she goes. Check it out!

printable first communion countdown calendar

The countdown calendar is in the shape of the Lamb of God, and counts down the 4 weeks leading up to your child’s First Communion. You can mark off, color, or put stickers on the days as you go. Whatever you want!

The printable calendar is available in black and white AND color. (The color version is one that I painted in with watercolors.)

watercolor lamb of God

You put your own First Holy Communion date in the middle and start on the right day for you.

first communion countdown- printable

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You can either print the calendar blank, or with some activities to help prepare for your First Holy Communion. Some of the activities are things like “read the story of Blessed Imelda” or “plan a First Communion craft”. I made sure they are all things that you can either do quickly on the spot, or that the calendar says to “plan” or “schedule” rather than to do right away. 😉

You can download all four versions of this calendar!

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first communion countdown calendar for kids

If you have a minute, share this link with your DRE or anyone you know with a child making First Communion this year. Thank you so much!

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  1. Mercy E. Ornelas says

    do you have any banner samples for confirmation.

  2. Thanks! Saving this now for our oldest’s First Communion next spring.

    • Do you have any ideas for First Reconciliation? I saw an idea years ago of the children putting a white heart on a larger poster. Can’t remember the verse.

  3. Tracy Bua Smith says

    I’m pinning this too Lacy as Child #4 will be receiving her First Holy Communion next year and I will have my 2 older children receiving Confirmation next year too! Whew! 🙂

  4. Hi Lacy – I love this! We had started a countdown on our whiteboard before you posted this and yours is way more lovely! I’m having a little trouble printing. All of the numbers and letters on the eggs are a small ‘a’. Do you know how I can fix that? Thanks again!

    • Make sure to download it before you print it- otherwise you’ll run into weird problems like that. 😉

  5. William OLeary says

    If I busy the calendar can I make copies? Or if not how much would it be to make multiple copies?

  6. Jane Ann Bonbrake says

    I purchased a couple of the items for first communion. Where do I download them?

    Jane Ann