Embroider the Saints

As many of you know, my daughter is named for St. Therese, so I’m really excited about her feast day being right around the corner! I wanted to show you all this adorable St. Therese doll that Violet’s Godmother made her for her baptism.

Isn’t it the sweetest little thing? She also embroidered Violet’s name and baptism date on the back.

First she embroidered St. Therese’s outline, then
cross stitched it in. Here it is before it was cross stitched:

I thought this was such an amazing and meaningful baptism gift, and I know it is something for Violet to cherish. I love the fabric rose embellishments that St. Therese is holding!

You’ll find all of my St. Therese resources for kids here.
It’s a keeper! 🙂
baby violet with saint therese

This doll was based on Charlotte’s embroidery pattern, and you can print your own free Saint Embroidery Patterns from Waltzing Matilda for free! Isn’t Charlotte great to post all the printable Catholic stuff she does? She has many saint patterns available including St. Michael, St. Clare, St. Francis of Assisi, and Mother Teresa to name a few!

Here are some things I’ve seen other bloggers do with these Saint Embroidery Patterns:

Yes, this is a little Saint Dress!
Found this over on A Pew All Our Own.

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Here’s a St. Cecilia doll from Running with Perseverance.

A Pew All Our Own also made a St. Genevive and a St. Clare
doll for Easter baskets and embroidered prayers on the backs.


And I love LoVE LOVE this Saint quilt from
Knit Together Designs! 🙂

*Updated to Add this aborable Mother Teresa doll
from Joyfilled Family! I just want to hug her! 🙂

If you start embroidering now you might have them ready to come marching in for All Saint’s Day. God bless!


  1. Amazing_Grace says

    Oh, these are so cute! 🙂

  2. These are my unofficial winter crafts … once we get snow.


  3. Tiny Actions says

    Oooohhh!!! What a brilliant idea to cross-stitch. I made my kiddos some basic ones last year. They were surprisingly easy to make thanks to Charolette. Now I think I may need to cross-stitch up a few more. Thanks for posting this.

  4. Mama Bear, JD says

    Oh! This is my favorite "icing" yet!!

  5. JOYfilled Family says

    your doll is absolutely beautiful. i can't get enough of these embroidery dolls. my latest creation was bl. teresa. my 4mo old boy loves it. http://joyfilledfamily.blogspot.com/search?q=teresa
    pax – lena

  6. These are beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  7. The dolls are absolutely beautiful! I'm inspired to learn how to make one!

  8. Mama Bear, JD says

    Oh! This is my favorite "icing" yet!!

  9. These are my unofficial winter crafts … once we get snow.


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