Easy Nativity Cookies

We all know that I’m a crafter- not a baker. But being a baker seems to be a mommy-requirement at Christmas time. My awesome friend Liz (from Frugally Blonde) hosted a cookie exchange for my Catholic mother’s group this year that I was not going to miss out on! I got an adorable set of nativity cookie cutters this year, so I thought we’d give ’em a try!



I didn’t want to be stressed out about decorating enough cookies for an exchange, so I was determined to come up with something simple to do. Rather than utilizing all the icing tips that came in my cookie cutter set, I decided we would just sprinkle the cookies with colored sugar. This was a perfect job for little fingers! We sprinkled the sugar on before baking the cookies.


In my opinion, the price they charge for the colored sugar they sell in little spice jars is bordering on highway robbery, so we make our own colored sugar. If you’re new to this idea, check out my directions for diy colored sugar. I tried to choose colors symbolic to each nativity piece as best as I could. The nativity colors I ended up using were blue for Mary, green for Joseph, yellow for Baby Jesus & the star, white for the angel & the sheep, purple for the kings, red for the camel, and brown for the shepherd & the donkey. (No need to make brown sugar- I’m sure you already have some!)
















I made one set for everyone exchanging cookies, set them on paper plates. Then wrapped them up in plastic wrap.


The set I got came with these pieces:


There was no shepherd in the set, and it didn’t have an angel either! I already had an angel cookie cutter that I threw into the mix, and I also had a star that I felt was a little more “star of Bethlehem” than the one that the set came with.


No shepherd cookie cutter? No problem! For my shepherd, I used the king cookie cutter. I just used my finger to round out his head and get rid of the crown. I also flipped him over before I baked him so that he would face the opposite direction of the kings. I flipped some of my sheep, too. When the shepherds were almost done baking I carefully pressed a candy cane “staff” onto the cookies and put them back in the oven for just a minute. Watch them carefully- you only want the candy cane to melt a little bit and it doesn’t take long!


I thought the cookies turned out really cute, and my kids loved getting to help! It’s so great to be answering questions about the wise men while cutting Christmas cookies with my kids. I was going to be making cookies anyway, so this was a great opportunity to make another Christmas activity focus on the true meaning of Christmas.






I can’t wait to find some other uses for our nativity cookie cutters! Maybe next year I’ll stop being so lazy and actually crack out some icing for decorating them… or maybe not. 😉

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  1. one of my sons got this nativity cookie cutter set from St Nicholas, haven't tried it yet, but maybe we will this weekend as we will probably be snowed in 🙂 i didn't realize it didn't come with an angel or shepherd, thanks for your tips & ideas, i would have never thought to put a mini candy cane on the shepherd either

  2. beautiful. nice job, momma! love the candy cane for the shepherd's staff!

  3. wow! You baked a lot of cookies!! They look really cute and delicious! I am so jealous that you two blogging moms get to see each other in person! lol I am in the middle of Baptist, USA and there are hardly any young Catholic moms here. Great job!!!

  4. welcome to our wonderland says

    they turned out great!

    we color our own sugar lots of times.

    they are alittle healthier with out frosting and I think they taste better 🙂

  5. Your post convinced me that I really do need these cookie cutters for our salt dough ornaments. I've been contemplating whether or not to get them for a year now.

  6. Great idea with the sparkles for color..Oh boy, do I ever love quick and cute ways to do things! Lovely cookies:)

  7. Ann Nichols says

    I just love this!! I'm planing on making sugar cookies this year but was uninspired by the normal molds. I think I shall look around for a nativity set!! Really nice!
    Blessings for a wonderful week!
    PS Please visit me at my history blog about St. Nicholas – and be sure to enter my GIVEAWAY!

  8. Moira Chapman says

    Another way to decorate the biscuits (cookies) is to add food colouring to egg yolk and paint it on with a reasonably fine paint brush before baking. You won’t be able to get a great deal of detail but I think it is easier than fiddling around with piping nozzles. One egg yolk goes quite a long way so you divide it up into several egg cups before you add the colour.

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