Easy Easter Cookie Recipe- Bird’s Nests With Eggs!

When I am planning fun Easter treats with the kids, I always love to include things that have symbols that point back to the true meaning of Easter, which is the resurrection of Christ. These easy bird’s nest treats have “eggs” inside, which are one of the oldest symbols of the Resurrection! You can find all of my Easter activities for kids here. Today I’m going to show you my easy Easter cookie recipe- bird’s nests with eggs! 

Making fun recipes for holidays and feast day is one of my favorite ways to celebrate with kids! I have several reasons for this including that no kid gets too old to want to eat fun feast day treats, and also once people eat the food it’s gone, so there’s nothing to store the way there would be for a craft. I especially love the Easter Story Cookies recipe that follows along with Scripture to tell the Easter story for kids. 

For more fun Easter recipes, check out my new cookbook for families– The Symbolic Holy Week & Easter Cookbook! This cookbook includes 23 recipes that point to the true meaning of Easter. It also includes 29 pages of bonus printables! You do not want to miss this amazing resource. 


Time & Servings For Bird’s Nest Easter Cookies:

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Set Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 40 minutes
Servings: 18-20 treats

Ingredients For Bird’s Nest Easter Cookies:

● 1⁄2 cup milk chocolate baking chips
● 1⁄2 cup peanut butter baking chips
● 1⁄3 semi-sweet chocolate baking chips
● 1 tbsp green jimmies sprinkles
● 1 tbsp green sugar sprinkles
● 3 cups Frosted Flakes
● 4oz box Whoppers Mini Robin Eggs

Other Materials Needed For Nest Cookies:

● Parchment paper
● Baking sheet
● Silicone spatula
● Large glass heat-safe bowl
● 2 tbsp cookie scoop

How To Make No Bake Nest Cookies:

Put your milk chocolate, peanut butter, and semi-sweet chocolate chips in a large microwave safe bowl, such as a glass bowl. Head in the microwave in 30 second intervals, stirring between. Continue this process until the mixture is fully melted and has a smooth consistency when you stir it. 

Add your Frosted Flakes, and mix them just until they’re coated with the melted chocolate mixture. 

Cover you baking sheet with parchment paper. Using a cookie scoop or other spoon, spoon your “nests” onto the parchment paper. After each scoop, use the back of the spoon to make a small divot in the cookie. This is where your “eggs” will go. At this point, you can also sprinkle with any sprinkles you desire. We used green sprinkles. 

Top each nest with 2 Whippers Mini Robin Eggs or any other candy that looks like eggs. When you’ve completed all the nests, place your baking sheet in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to set these no bake cookies. 

Now your adorable Easter cookies are ready to serve and eat! How adorable are these?

My kids love holding and eating their tiny little bird’s nests! These are so fun and colorful for serving anytime during the Easter season!

Don’t forget to check out my Symbolic Holy Week & Easter Cookbook for more fun and meaningful recipes for families. 


  1. Our family is not Catholic, but as simple followers of Jesus, we are interested in the practices of the Ante-Nicene Church. I was very glad to find your wonderful resources on this very special and important time of the Christian calendar. Thank you for the love and time you put into writing up your thoughts and providing resources to help us direct our hearts and families to the Lord.

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