Cutest All Saints’ Day Cookies Ever!

Ok, I actually found 2 sets of the cutest Saint cookies in existence! You know how I usually focus on things that are really easy to make? Well, that’s not the case today. But I think you’ll all appreciate the beauty of these cookies anyway. 🙂 You can find all of my All Saints’ Day resources for kids here.

Also, you should totally check out my All Saints’ Day food labels! This is the perfect All Saints’ Day party printable as it turns everyday kid snacks into symbols of the Saints, making celebrating a breeze for mom!

All Saints' Day Party Printable

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Check out these beauties from Bake at 350! Click over to see tons of more pictures, and she assures you not to worry if you don’t have an icing printer. If you were going to go through the trouble to make these, I think at least they’d be easy to make in large numbers.
Saint Cards and Cookies
Aren’t these saint cookies from Following the Trails to Heaven so adorable? Go to her blog to see more pictures, which saints these are, and what she used the cookies for.
Saint Cookies


  1. Sandra Forbes says

    The cookies at saints and bible character cookies at are also really adorable!