Curriculums for a Catholic Homeschool Co-op

It’s that time of year! Sharpen your pencils, dust off your books, and get that homeschool co-op turning again. Last year I wrote a post on how to make a homeschool co-op thrive with tips on organizing a co-op. It’s a good post, but even if you put the effort in to organize a co-op… without good, structured classes, your co-op will turn into a glorified playgroup. Trust me- I’ve seen this. The scramble to throw lesson plans together each week can be exhausting, and why should we all re-create the wheel? I strongly suggest that you find something structured to follow for your co-op classes. Here are some that I like:

Catholic Schoolhouse Art

The Art is not  just a compilation of random art projects- it’s a real Art curriculum that follows a timeline, exposes your children to famous artworks, and teaches the elements of art. There is a project every week with a list of supplies needed, and directions on completing the project with a class, along with full color pictures of the featured artworks and completed projects. Trust me- something like this is worth the money. You can read more about it and order it here.

Catholic Schoolhouse Science

I’m not going to pretend to be a Science expert, but I’ve flipped through the Science and it also looks great. It’s broken into quarters that cover botany, astronomy, chemistry, and sound & light. You can read the full description of this program here.

Both the Art and Science curriculums are written for grades K-5, and are meant to teach a 30-60 minute class.

I am a fan of co-ops offering Art and Science. Here’s why: When I’m looking for a co-op, I want something academic for my kids. Art and Science generally don’t clash with the curriculum we’re already doing at home. Also, art projects and science experiments are ideal for group settings!

Catholic ABC’s

For your preschool class, I recommend my own book, Catholic ABC’s. 😉 Lets face it- every Catholic co-op needs a preschool class because everyone has a lot of little siblings. It’s certainly easier to control a class of preschoolers than it is to keep tabs on a huge group in the nursery. Preschool classes are also a great benefit to our little ones!(Catholic ABC’s provides 2 separate classroom scripts- 1 for co-op classes and 1 to be used at home.)

When using Catholic ABC’s, you preschoolers will enjoy circle time, crafts, music, and hands-on learning activities. Each week, there is  a lesson that includes a story, craft, bible verse, and a Saint of the week. Each lesson is based on a letter of the alphabet. The unit studies will follow the Liturgical year. Read more about it and see some sample page layouts here.

What curriculums do you like for co-op classes? Leave us links in the comments! 🙂

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  1. Lacy, I would love to order both your ABC Curriculum and Mass Book, but I’m in Canada and the shipping comes up at $24. Could we work something out?

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