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Whether your church calls it CCD (which stands for “Confraternity of Christian Doctrine”) or just plain ‘ol RE for “Religious Education”, educating children about the faith is obviously a big passion of mine! When you sign up to be a CCD teacher, they provide you with a book and probably some outlines of what you should be covering with your class, but sometimes we’re still left looking for more. 

My favorite online resource for CCD teachers is a site called The Catholic Toolbox. There are so many free resources for Catholics over on this site that I asked her to round up all the best CCD teacher posts to get us started, and her’s what she sent to me:

Planning Ahead for CCD- What should be done before CCD starts
What Every Catechist Needs to Know Here are a few things that I think every catechist should know about or do.

Celebrating the Mass Lesson Plans (for the new missal

There’s so much on her site I could never list it all! Go check out the Catholic Toolbox, and go ahead and subscribe while you’re at it. Otherwise, you’ll be missing out on tons of  free Catholic resources! 😉

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