Catholic Icing meets the Clay Rosary Girl

Have you heard of the Clay Rosary Girl? Well, her real name is Sarah and she’s an amazing clay artist! She makes unique beads with Catholic symbols and pictures and then strings them into beautiful rosaries. It turns out she only lives an hour and a half away from me, so we decided to meet so she could teach me how to make beads! And you know what? She wasn’t a murderer… just a fellow stay-at-home mommy with adorable children!

Lacy and Clay Rosary Girl

See look! Here I am making beads with her, and not being murdered…. even though we met on the internet!

Clay Rosary Crafting

While I was making beads all day long I kept my kids occupied with movies and junk food was a really good mother and paid my kids lots of attention.

Isn’t it funny the way we read people’s blogs and they start to become “famous” in our heads? So silly! But when I saw her scraps of clay, it was like- “OOh! Famous clay scraps from the Clay Rosary Girl! I have seen these on her blog!” hehe! I instantly recognized the scraps from her Sacred Heart Bead:

Colorful clay balls

Sarah was so sweet, and we made some cool beads together! Our kids are close in age, and played really well! Here’s Sarah hard at work!

Rolling Out Clay


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Aren’t these rose beads we made together really cool?


Display of Clay Beads

Since making more beads (it’s kind of addictive) I have such a bigger appreciation for what Sarah does! The beads are a lot harder to make than it looks, and really time-consuming! Here are some “Catholic Icing” beads I made after she left:

Display of Clay Beads With Cupcake Shape Design

Even after you make the beads, they still have to be rolled out really small, and then sliced. Even poking holes in all of them seems to take an eternity!  I haven’t even strung any of them yet- who knows how long that will take. You can read about Sarah’s beads on her blog, and you can buy her rosaries on her website. They’re breathtaking!

Clay Rosary
I heart creative Catholic stuff! (But you guys already knew that, right?)

In conclusion, Sarah is awesome. And internet friends rock. And everyone you meet online isn’t going to be a murderer. I’m so glad she came out to pass on her trade of bead-making to me! If you’d like to hear what Sarah had to say about coming here and meeting me, you can find her post here. 🙂


  1. Again, I Heart your blog. Love Sarah's beads. Beautiful. They will make great gifts. Just signed up for the free bible school. I didnt even know about the website and the free book to boot. THANK YOU AGAIN! What a great resource!

  2. Sarah Harkins says

    LOL! I was going to say something like, "Lacy and I were glad to find out eachother were not psycho murders…" but I chickened out. What a hoot!

  3. I love this post! The catholic icing beads are too stinkin cute!! Great job Lacy! I love those beads and I know what you mean about "blog celebrities"; you're one to me! lol I just learned about clay rosary girl's blog a few days ago and thought her work was awesome!

  4. Sugar Pie says

    Hi Lacey,…you mean you're not famous ???? lol…
    It looks like you girls had a great day, I'm heading over to check out Sarahs' blog & website now.
    Thanks Lacey, take care & have a great day.
    Hugs Robyn xx

  5. Kathleen's Catholic says

    I love the Catholic Icing beads!

  6. This is such a great story and post! God really has a great plan for you two:-) I just love these beautiful rosaries and had never seen them before. Thanks for posting and I look forward to shopping. Praise God for all of our internet resources and connections! God Bless the both of you.

  7. Jamie Jo says

    Love seeing you two together, so glad you live close enough to meet! I've met so many fellow bloggers in these past couple years and couldn't imagine my life without them now! Amazing we are all still alive, huh?

    Love all the beautiful beads you made together and then what you made later….those red white and blue ones are super!! And the Catholic Icing cupcake, great job!!

    Also love seeing Sarah's cute little baby tummy!!

  8. What a cute post! And how adorable was the Internet meet-up?

    Thanks for sharing all that. And those beads look gorgeous.

    (I was laughing over the "famous" comment. I know everyone in my blog inspiration list is hugely famous in my mind.)

  9. pinulotta says

    Wow! You guys met online?! How great! Working with polymer clay is so much fun! I”ve made clay figures and crucifixes before – have made jewelry, too. Making Rosaries is my next step. Still learning! 🙂 Hmmm- maybe I’ll host a giveaway for one of my crucifixes one day – still not sure. Btw, love the way you crossed out “kept my kids occupied with movies and junk food” . That made me laugh, as I can relate!