Big Fun for Catholic Kids! {and a giveaway!}

When I was at the IHM Conference, I got to catch up with Frances from Illuminated Ink. She has become a true friend! I really love the resources her company provides for Catholic children, and I’ve written about her grotto craft kits here before. When I asked her what was new this year, she showed me these gigantic posters for Catholic children!

Giant Catholic Coloring Posters

I will admit (even though I know Frances reads my blog- Hi Frances!) that when I first saw these, I thought, “What in the world am I going to do with that?” I also thought that children wouldn’t have the patience to color something so big. I was certainly proved wrong!

As soon as I came home from the conference with this poster, Lydia was absolutely enchanted! Warning: Objects in this picture are larger than they appear!

Coloring giant Mary Pray for Us poster

Another thing I asked Frances about these posters is… what in the world do you color them with? Her answer? Whatever you want! Lydia just used regular ‘ol Crayola Markers.

Coloring giant Mary Pray for Us poster

She colored for hours and stopped for a break only when I made her put her pajamas on. I’m telling you- she loved it!

So now that I had this ginormous Catholic poster that my daughter colored (and was unbelievably proud of) what in the world was I going to do with it? Frances says she has them on her walls and even her ceilings! After some thought, we decided to cover Lydia’s bedroom door. We had to cut about a foot off the top and bottom to get it to fit, then a little cut-out for the door knob. A little packing tape to hold it and- TA-DA!!!

Finished Hail Mary Pray for Us Poster

Needless to say, Lydia is thrilled. πŸ˜‰

Finished Hail Mary Pray for Us Poster

I think these make super cool door covers, and I think they would be especially great for covering doors at Catholic schools. Don’t school teachers always decorate their doors? They would also be great to hang in the hallways at Catholic schools, or hallways at home. They really are 8 feet of fun!

Another idea for using these posters: Put them on your dining room table, cover them with a clear tablecloth, and let your kids color them with dry-erase crayons! Isn’t that awesome? You can color them again and again! Frances had a St. Michael poster set up at the conference like this for the kids to color, and it was really cool!

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Saint Michael the Archangel Poster Illuminated Ink Poster

I’ll tell you what, I’m totally sold on these dry-erase crayons! You’d think they’d be a pain to wipe off, but they’re not at all. We’re totally getting some!

Saint Michael the Archangel Poster Illuminated Ink Poster

Saint Michael the Archangel Poster Illuminated Ink Poster

I’m going to order a St. Michael poster to have out like this at Mark’s police academy graduation (since St. Michael is the patron of police officers, and there are going to be tons of kids at the party!) These would be cool at All Saints’ Day parties, May crownings, church picnics… any Catholic event really. Whenever they’re all colored, just wipe off and let the fun start over again!

Saint Michael the Archangel Poster Illuminated Ink Poster

These posters would make a great gift for Catholic kids anytime! I would especially recommend them as presents to your Godchildren, or for First Communion students. Here’s an example of how nice these can look once they’re colored:

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus Poster

These posters come in 6 designs: Hail Mary, Sacred Heart, St. John Vianney, St. Michael, Totus Tuus, and Year of Faith. You can see and order the posters here. Now we get to the good part- Illuminated Ink is giving away six of these awesome Catholic kid’s posters to Catholic Icing readers- one of each design! Yay! To enter, just put in your name and email address below. I’ll be drawing a winner later this week! πŸ™‚

If you are reading this post in your email, you will have to click over to my actual site to enter the giveaway. The giveaway is for US Residents only. If you live internationally, you may enter, but you will have to pay the shipping for your poster if you win. One entry per person. There will be 6 winners. Even though it says to enter your link below, just enter your name and email to enter. Good luck!

*Update!* The code for the Inlinkz thing is weird. If you’re having trouble entering, just leave a comment letting me know you’d like to be entered. Thanks!

Entries for this giveaway are now closed and the winners have been emailed. Thanks to everyone who participated!



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    I really like both ideas putting it up on a bedroom door or covering it with a clear shower curtain and using dry erase crayons. Thanks for the giveaway, Illuminated Ink!

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    Thanks for sharing Lacy. My kids would love those posters too. Great idea for Sunday School class too and then use them to decorate the church.

  12. I had the same problem Nicole- not sure how to get around that part. The posters are so cool!

  13. Samantha L. says

    I missed the Conference this year! My hubby had to work Saturday, too. Out with kidney stone surgery, Mary bless him and protect him. I heard your stand was wonderful! My friends told me all about your cake! AND she bought your book – which I already have – now to get the Mass missal! I am so excited…. a great focus point for my kids… and I love II…. ahhh… we are so blessed to have such a wonderful Catholic community! I think we are going to use it for our liturgical seasons PrK / K coop on Friday’s for our homeschoolers πŸ˜‰

  14. Nicole, I tried and had the same results. I hope this comment counts as an entry if I can’t get it to work. This seems really neat! I am a first year teacher at a Catholic school and have been looking for fun ideas to decorate while learning about their faith.

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    Our kids would LOVE to win one of these posters.
    Can’t link up though. Please enter us.
    We really like the dry erase crayons too. The colors are so vibrant.
    However, our 3y.o. would peel off the paper and it can get messy, especially if they don’t stay on the plastic or dry erase board. πŸ™‚

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    Hi Lacey,
    Please enter me into the contest. These are so COOL!
    Please come to the Michigan Catholic Home Educators “It’s Great To Be Catholic!” Conference next year over Fathers’ Day weekend! And bring Illuminated Ink with you… they don’t come anymore :o(

    • That’s right…I haven’t seen them in a while. Here is another vote for Lacey and Illuminated Ink to come to Michigan next year. πŸ™‚

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    Heidi Altamirano = hidealtamirano

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