All Saints’ Day Costume Share; Vote For Your Favorite!

I thought it would be really fun to share pictures of our kids in their All Saints’ day costumes and have a little contest! The winner will receive a free Mass book. I’m hosting the first annual All Saints’ day contest on the Catholic Icing facebook page from now through the end of Monday.

all saints day costumes for kids

How to enter the costume contest:

Share your photos in the comments of this facebook postTo post a photo, just click on the little camera button inside of the comment box as shown by the red arrow below.

how to add a facebook picture

There are no rules really. You can enter several pictures of your individual kids, or one picture with all of them. Whatever you want. You can even share pictures from All Saints’ Days past if you like. Feel free to write in what Saints they are, and a little bit about how you put the costume together.

How to vote in the costume contest:

Just “like” the photo(s) that you, well, like. 🙂 You can vote for as many of the costumes as you want to. Click away! Whichever picture receives the most “likes” will have a free Mass book mailed to your house.

I don’t really care about the prize, I just want all of you to share your pictures so I can share in the joy of the costumes you all put together. So please share your pictures, even if you don’t think you have even a little chance of winning. 

Our All Saints’ Day Costumes: 2014

I’m not considering my kids eligible to win, plus, I have plenty of Mass books, so I’ll share the pictures of my kids here. 🙂

Lydia was St. Cecilia this year. She loves to play the piano, so the patron Saint of musicians was a good fit for her!

all saints day costume; st. cecilia

Little Anabelle was an angel. Here she is as the angel that crowned St. Cecilia with roses and lilies.

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all saints day costumes; st. cecilia and angel

Violet went as Our Lady of Guadalupe, and Julian went as St. Juan Diego. Violet would point to the picture on Julian’s tilma and say “I’m her.”

all saints day costumes; san juan diego and our lady of guadalupe

Bonus points if you recognized the tilma from the picture above! Julian has worn it before, as has Violet worn the Guadalupe veil. 😉

And finally, Julian’s solo costume shot is photo-bombed by an angel!

all saints day costumes for catholic kids

I love these kids! They totally melt my heart.

Now, I’m so excited to see your costumes!!!! I absolutely love seeing the little ones dressed up as Saints.

If you are looking for ideas for All Saints’ Day costume ideas for kids, be sure to check out my Saint Costume Directory!


  1. LACY!

    Such cuteness! I know I’m late in replying to this post and the absolutely adorbs Juan Diego costume, but I was on a long break from Paper Dali due to health issues.

    But I’m back now, and I’m checking out my favorite places, and I have to say that Catholic Icing was amazing before and is now even amazing-er. Fab job!

    Take care & God bless you for all your work.

    • Long time no see! Did you ever see the original post about how I made this tilma with your coloring page? It was perfect for this project!

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