6 Creative Ways To Teach The Easter Story

Easter is the most central feast day for Christians. The reason why Christmas is so important is because Jesus had to first be born before he could rise from the dead. So given the importance of Easter, how do we make sure we are conveying the true meaning of this day to our children?

Here are some ideas for teaching your kids the true Easter story in fun, hands-on ways.


      Resurrection Eggs

how to make resurrection eggsThis is one of my favorite tools for teaching the Easter story to kids! Even the smallest preschoolers love these. Each egg has a symbol of the Easter story inside. You open the eggs one at a time, and discuss the role of that object in the Easter story. You can either order Resurrection eggs, or easily make your own. *Disclaimer* if you order the pre-made set, it comes with a little booklet that says some things against the true presence in the Eucharist that you’ll want to scribble out with a sharpie marker.


     Resurrection Rolls

resurrection rolls recipe and storyThese are a super fun and easy way to teach the Easter story to kids! They are basically marshmallows rolled in a cinnamon sugar mixture, and then baked inside of canned crescent rolls. They taste very similar to cinnamon rolls. As the roll bakes, the marshmallow melts away, leaving an “empty tomb.” Each part of the process tells part of the Easter story. These really don’t take that long to make, so they’re a great Easter tradition, and make a great addition to Easter breakfast. Kids love these (I mean, what kid doesn’t love cinnamon rolls?!) so beware- if you make these once, you’ll probably be making them every Easter. 😉


      Easter Story Cookies

 how to make easter story cookies recipeThe process of making these cookies tells the Easter story. From beating pecans with a wooden spoon (as Jesus was beaten) to tasting vinegar (as Jesus was given on the cross to drink), these cookies are a great interactive way to teach kids about Easter. I have a printable version of the recipe for these that includes the scripture that goes with it.

      Resurrection Story Napkin Rings

easter dinner napkin rings resurrection storyEach printable napkin ring includes a piece of the Biblical account of the resurrection. You set the table using the napkin rings, and while saying prayers before Easter dinner, everyone reads their part. They are numbered so you know who is reading next. A few of them are designed with less text for early readers. There are also blank eggs provided for non-readers. We often also use these as place cards at Easter dinner. 🙂

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     Resurrection Set

printable resurrection setWe all put out nativity sets at Christmas time, so why wouldn’t we have Resurrection sets at Easter? I have version that you can print for free on cardstock, color, cut, and staple into loops (or glue around toilet paper tubes.) You could also just buy one. These can be set out as a decoration, or used as a manipulative to act out the Easter story.



     Read A Book

Best Easter Story Picture BooksThere are so many great versions of the Easter story for kids. If you would like to read some full reviews, I wrote about our favorite Easter picture books here. Some of my top recommendations are The Easter Day Surprise and The Easter Story. Don’t forget about reading the Easter story from your children’s Bibles, or *gasp* even the real Bible. 😉


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  1. Thank you so much for your website. I am not Catholic but I love using your site for ideas to teach my almost 3 year old the importance of Christ.

  2. Vicky Hutchinson says

    Thank you I’ve just found your site; Great resources.