Teaching Liturgical Colors to Kids- Catholic Craft

As I’ve been reading through Catholic blogs, I came across this awesome priest who helps kids learn their liturgical colors. He is most often referred to as “Father Pine”. I hope his ideas help you teach the liturgical colors to your kids 🙂

Gladdest Hours shares her post on

Liturgical year colors in the home.

Just Another Day in Paradise Has pictures of

Fr. Pine sporting 7 different vestments. She also

shares the symbolism behind each color, and a link

where you can see real vestments as samples.

Under Her Starry Mantel made the most

beautiful vestments for her tiny priest doll!

Checking out her pictures is a must!

I love this adorable version from Growing With My Girls!

Think this is beyond your craft level? Think again. Just Another Day in Paradise shows how to make your diy priest very affordably and easily. Only nailing required.

However, if you’re itching to pull out the power tools,

Wildflowers and Marbles shares her pattern to make Fr. Pine.

Can’t sew? Just opt to cut the vestments from felt and glue the pieces on. Then embellish them with glitter glue 🙂

I think these would be a great addition to a family altar if you happen to set one up. This is an amazing Catholic Craft Idea, and I want to thank these ladies for inspiring us all! 🙂

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