Pope Activities for Catholic Kids

Well, we will be getting a new Pope soon! I wanted to take this time and make a round-up of kid’s activities, printables, and learning resources to help you teach your kids about the Pope.

teach your kids about the pope

Here are some crafts you can find here at Catholic Icing that I’ve made with my kids when learning about the Pope. (What’s really great about crafts is you can get the kids working on them, then talk to them about the Pope while they craft.)

  • Pope puppet- You can make a Pope paper bag puppet using the templates from my Saint Puppet Ebook. There are tons of templates in the book, so you can piece a pope together in many different ways! You can also make Cardinals.
  • Pope Miter Craft- these are not for wearing, they are made out of toilet paper tubes. Super fast, easy, and fun.
  • Vatican Flag Craft- These are super easy and cheap to make. You could easily make these with a whole classroom.
  • Edible Vatican Flag- I know this sounds weird. You’ll just have to click the link to see what I mean. ;-)
  • Craft a Little Pope or Cardinal hat. This only takes about  5 minutes and 25 cents.

decorating the christmas tree

I’ve also been searching the internet for Pope activities, printables, etc, and made a little round-up for you! (Thanks for everyone’s help on facebook rounding these up) :-)

If you know of more Pope resources online for kids, please leave the links in the comments! :-)


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  1. says

    Thank you for including the link to my Papal Lap Book, and for you kind words! I really enjoyed putting it all together! :) And we might just have to makes some of those Pretzel Keys of yours. And they will be perfect during Lent since my kids gave up sweets this year!

      • says

        Sorry about all the typos in that first comment. I think I am still a little sleep deprived from last weekend! This will be the first Lap Book for my 5 and 3 year old. I wasn’t going to have them make one, but they didn’t want to be left out. I am working on ways to simplify a few of the mini-books for them as we go along. We did make the Pretzel Keys from your Edible Vatican Flag this afternoon and the kids loved it. (We do something similar on the feast of St. Joseph with frozen dinner roll dough, creating various symbols, so I knew it would be a hit.) Thanks!

      • says

        I agree, thank you, Jessica for the Lapbook. We are all having fun with it. I “teamed up” my kids (the 10yo and 4 yo, and the 8yo with the 6 yo.) It is working well. The 8 yo doesnt like cutting, but the 6 yo does. and the 10 year old really wants to do it by herself, so the 4 year old is the trash and glue helper. thanks again. And Thanks Lacy for always having fun ideas!

  2. May Santos says

    this website has a printable PDF resource you can use which explains How the Catholic Church Chooses a New Pope- in children’s language and easy to ready explanation.

  3. says

    Hi Lacy! These looks and sounds like fun activities for the kids! Thank you for this. I have another fun activity to do with my kids this weekend. Thanks also for the round-up. I’m really glad I found this post. May God bless you. :)

  4. says

    Hi Lacy!
    Awesome link-up! I love all the resources you have and all the ones from other sites that you have shared. I know I’m a little late…but I’m kind of excited about this one. I have created a new Guess Who?! template with some of the most popular Cardinals, (according to the media). I know that ultimately the Holy Spirit and the CONCLAVE are in charge, but I think it’s a neat opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the faces of many of the Cardinals…especially the ones we will no doubt be hearing about over the next weeks! I’ve already learned alot!
    I hope you like this post (and free printable)..and perhaps you would consider including it in your list of linked Pope crafts and activities? Thanks, Lacy!

  5. Megan Jasperson says

    I am a teacher and LOVE your ideas! We are excited to learn who the new pope will be! Thanks for sharing your ideas!!

  6. Marie says

    I am teaching Childrens Church this week at our Parish, and I hate that I only have about 15 mins. with the kids, but I’m so excited about all the AWESOME Pope activities that you have shared with us…We are normally encouraged to focus on the Sunday Gospel, but my emphasis is going to be about our spectacular new Pope Francis!! I am so excited that I am the lucky person who gets to share all this information with the young children of our Parish (ages 3 – 8)!! And I’m also excited that I am this “excited” about this monumental time in our Church!! Thanks for all your great ideas!!

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