Pope John Paul II Mitre Craft for Catholic Kids

Pope John Paul II is being beatified on May 1, 2011- Divine Mercy Sunday! Yay! JP2, We love you!

Did you know a pope hat is called a miter? You probably do, but maybe your kids don’t! Here’s a way to make an easy miter craft out of a toilet paper tube. (Never never throw away your toilet paper tubes, ok? They’re just way too handy!)

Just push down the top of your tissue tube with your finger on each side, and it will come to a point like a pope hat.

It will be too long, so trim off the bottom with some scissors.

Show your kids some pictures of Pope John Paul II and let them decorate their miters with paint, stickers, markers, or whatever you happen to have on hand. We used some washable paints and sharpie markers.

Didn’t Lydia’s come out so cute? I love the crafts she makes! (Lydia is currently 5)

We also made some of JPII’s crucifix’s to go with the hats. You can mold them yourself- I posted directions on how to make these crucifixes here.

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If you punch a hole in the top of the miter with an ice pick or a paper clip, you can stand your crucifix upright with the hat. Ta-da!

We really enjoyed making these, and plan to use them as a centerpiece on Sunday- his beatification day! Even though I’m not a cook, Alicia convinced me that I can indeed cook a Polish meal on Sunday as well, so I’m going to give it a try! At my house, you always know dinner is ready when the smoke detector is going off. 😉 For dessert, you could either try making Pope John Paul II’s favorite cake, or you could make Divine Mercy “Sundaes”. Anyone want to guess which I’m planning to serve?

Earlier this week I said I was going to start having monthly Creative Catholic link ups on the First Friday of each month starting today! Anyone see the problem there? Oh, that’s right- First Friday will indeed be next Friday, not today- lol! So I’ll see you here with your Creative Catholic links next Friday, k?

You can find even more Papal resources for kids here! This post includes Pope printables, crafts, snacks, and more. 


  1. Allison Millet says

    Hi Lacy, do you have instructions on how to make PJPII’s bent crucifix? The link above doesn’t seem to be working. Thanks so much!!

  2. You offer and share so many wonderful ideas for the children. Thank you so much

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