Jesse Tree Readings, Ornaments, and Free Printables!

Jesse trees can be so different from family to family. They can be bought or made, the ornaments can be crafted out of practically anything, and I love how unique and beautiful they all are! Here a round-up of my favorite Jesse Tree resources to help get you started in this rich Advent tradition!

How to Celebrate Advent with a Jesse Tree

First of all, check out this amazing Jesse Tree resource- a totally free downloadable ebook! This book is simple to use, and great for use with little kids. In addition to telling you what symbol your ornament needs for each day, it has a scripture verse, a simple prayer, and a song paired with each day. She really did a great job pairing up already-known children’s songs with the theme of each day. I knew almost all the songs she has listed (with the lyrics you need, by the way), and the ones I didn’t know are easily found on You Tube. So many Jesse Tree books are very heavy with lots of readings that are over kid’s heads, but I have to say, this one seems right on. What are you waiting for? Download it free here.

1+1+1=1 also has another Jesse Tree books that is free for downloading as well. It also looks like a great set!

Crafting Jesse Tree Ornaments

What to use as a Jesse Tree

You can also host a “Jesse Tea” where you serve foods that go with each day’s theme. Check out the food ideas here.

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The Advent Christmas Planner- available from Catholic Icing

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  1. I love the idea of a Jesse Tea! A friend is hoping to do a get together where we each make one ornament (x25!) and then all swap next year. In the mean time, I made ours out of felt. It’s a bit different than the other one you linked to above, but would love your thoughts on it!