Yarn Wrapped Star: Ornament Craft For Kids

This is a fun craft for kids, easy to make, makes a good gift, and unlike many of the Christmas crafts (example:reindeer) floating around, and star points to the true meaning of Christmas… our Lord Jesus Christ! 🙂 This would also make an excellent craft for the epiphany!

Materials Needed For Your Yarn Wrapped Star:

  • Yarn: any color (Variegated yarn is fun)
  • Popsicle sticks (Colored popsicle sticks are fun. Alternately you could cut star shapes out of cardboard. You can trace a star shaped cookie cutter.)
  • Hot glue or glue dots. Or white glue if you have the patience to let it dry.

Start by hot gluing the popsicle sticks into a star shape.

Now start wrapping yarn around the star. Wrap around the middle in different directions, and wrap the arms as well.

Avoid jumping from arm to arm as that will ruin your star shape. Work your way back to the middle before moving to the next arm.

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Keep going until you feel like it’s finished! It’s ok if parts of the popsicle stick show.

Cut your yarn and glue the end of it down so the star doesn’t unravel. That’s it! Add a loop with yarn and enjoy your tree ornament!

All my kids enjoyed this craft from ages 6-12! Even toddlers could do this with assistance. Here is Violet with her star- she’s currently 8 years old. The other kids were too messy in their pajamas to photo lol.

This would also be a great craft for the epiphany!!!