Shopping For Symbolic Saint Foods (Healthy Options Included!)

For All Saints’ Day each year, I like to serve fun snacks for kids that symbolize a part of different Saint stories. We love to make a tea party out of it! This list is meant to make shopping for symbolic Saint food easier for you! I hope these links make it easier to find what you’re looking for. 🙂

You can find my Saint Food Labels that these foods go with here.

A lot of the things I have linked to here you can find cheaper at a local store.

💲Dollar Tree Options💲- I’m going to label what I was able to find at my local Dollar Tree with these dollar symbols for easy finding. 

Health(ier) Options⭐- I’m going to label these healthier options with starts for easy finding. 

Disclosure: The links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. 

Symbolic Saint Food Options

St. John The Baptist:

He was known for eating locusts and wild honey in the bible, so anything “crawly” works.

Or you can try actual edible bugs!!! I’m going to put the healthy symbol here because… protein!!! lol! My kids have actually tried several of these as I like to put outrageous things in their stockings sometimes, and I know these would be a ton of fun at your All Saints’ Day party!

  • assorted flavored crickets– my kids have tried exactly these and said they were good! They’re crunchy and flavored like chips. I totally recommend this variety pack so everyone could try a few flavors. 
  • bug lolipops– y’all… click over and look at these! My kids were happy to eat the outsides until they actually got to the bugs!

St. Juan Diego:

When Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared to San Juan Diego, she gave him a miracle of roses in the middle of winter when they could never grow. He carried them in his tilma and when he opened the tilma to drop them out, Our Lady Of Guadalupe had miraculously appeared there! 

Anything roses or “rose like” goes for this one!

  • actual roses (use them as a centerpiece on your table and now your centerpiece is also part of the theme!)
  • rose cookies (I have found these at Aldi before)
  • ⭐rose tea (this rose buds tea look GORGEOUS! I have also found rose tea at Aldi) 
  • rose marzipan “de la rosa” (you can find this at your local Latin grocery store with the candy)
  • rose flavored Turkish delight (a really fun and special treat to try)
  • beet root chips (these things look just like rose petals!)
  • 💲fake roses

St. Nicholas:

Also known as “Santa Claus”. Anything Christmasy can work for this one! Because St. Nicholas was known for his “secret gift giving” and leaving gold in the shoes of 3 girls that needed a dowry, golden coins are extra symbolic to his actual Saint story. 

St. Francis:

Patron Saint of animals because he is known for taming a wolf. Anything animal themed is perfect for him!

St. Kateri:

She was a Mohawk Native American and her adopted father was the chief of the Turtle Clan.

St. Bernadette:

When she was out collecting firewood, Our Lady Of Lourdes appeared to her and said “I am the Immaculate Conception.” So a food that represents her firewood is perfect!

  • 💲pretzel sticks AND pretzel rods
  • ⭐small pretzel sticks
  • ⭐pretzel rods

St. Ambrose:

Known as the “honey tongued Saint”, anything with honey is perfect for symbolizing him.

St. Therese:

Also known as the “Little Flower”, anything flower shaped is an awesome symbol for her.

St. Mary Magdalene:

She brought the spices to the tomb Easter morning to prepare the body of Jesus and found the tomb empty! In symbolism of her spices, a spice tea is a great reminder of St. Mary Magdalene.

  • ⭐spice tea

St. Lucy:

Part of her torture for being a Christian was having her eyes torn out, and a miracle occurred that even without her eyes she could still see! She is often pictured holding her eyeballs on a plate. 

Saints Perpetua and Felicity:

These Saints were known for being martyrs together, and were embracing each other at the moment of their beheading. Because they always go together, I symbolized them with a Twix bar, which always has 2. 

I thought you could also symbolize them with peas like they are “peas in a pod” together if you’re looking for a healthier option.

St. Cecilia:

The patroness of music and musicians, anything musical is perfect for symbolizing St. Cecilia.

St. Elizabeth:

The queen of Hungary, she was secretly bringing bread to the less fortunate, which was not allowed. When asked to reveal what she was hiding in her robes, she revealed the bread but a miracle occurred- the guards didn’t see the bread, but they saw roses! Any kind of bread is perfect for symbolizing St. Elizabeth.

St. Raphael:

In the bible, St. Raphael the archangel tells Tobias to catch a fish so they can use it to heal people. St. Raphael is often pictured holding a fish.

St. Isidore:

He was known for being a farmer and praying as he sowed, tended, and harvested his fields. During this time of year, pumpkins can be a fun way to remember him, but any produce is the perfect symbol for St. Isidore!

  • ⭐veggie tray
  • candy corn pumpkins (My kids are crazy for these! We buy them every year!)
  • ⭐any produce 

Stigmata Sandwiches:

Many Saints are known for carrying the wounds of Christ, also known as stigmata. 

Tonsure Treats:

Monks are known for this haircut known as a “tonsure”. Why not serve a fun food resembling this haircut?

Saintly Halos:

Halos are the circles you see drawn around the heads of holy people to symbolize their holiness. These bright circles can be symbolized with many fun foods!

  • ⭐”halos” (the little oranges or mandarins)
  • ⭐pineapple rings
  • 💲peach rings
  • 💲funyuns 
  • anything ring or circle shaped such as Cheerios

You can find my Saint Food Labels that these foods go with here, including this adorable little tag to make your own symbolic Saint trail mix! 



  1. Thank you so much for such a fun idea! The tray bags with all these yummy creative treats is sure to be a hit at any All Saints Day event. Can’t wait to have some with my littles. God bless you and your family.

  2. These are such great ideas and tips, thank you so much! Just purchased the food tables, and they look amazing!

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