St. John The Baptist Notebooking Page

Continuing on with our Religious notebooking project, today I’m posting a printable St. John The Baptist notebooking page. This goes with pages 38-39 in Tell Me About The Catholic Faith (TMACF), or any other resource you would rather use with your kids about John The Baptist.

john the baptist notebooking page- free to print lined and primary

My Thoughts On These Pages In TMACF:

It seemed a little odd to me for TMACF to cover John the Baptist before Jesus is born, but I understand that they’re saying he was preparing for Jesus, so he came first.

My Printables:

Just as all of the notebooking pages in this series are, they’re designed to work for children of all ages. You can choose to write your own sentences in, or trace the sentences on primary lined paper. Everyone draws their own pictures on this one.

Download St. John The Baptist Notebooking Page Here

john the baptist 3

My kids were fascinated that he ate grasshoppers! Lol!

john the baptist 2

Violet (age 4) doesn’t always choose to join in on our notebooking pages with this book, but today, she did. She always inserts her name in the middle of the sentences. I love that what she knew of Baptism is that we currently do it in Baptismal fonts, so that’s what she drew. 🙂

john the baptist 1

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free catholic notebooking pages- tell me about the catholic faith

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  1. Mary Borgsmiller says

    I teach preschool and this past week we made your Holy Week in Handprints. Love it. I have also made both sets of peg dolls and actually painted a board with the Jerusalem model traced around blocks. My kiddos have had a blast playing the Holy Week story with the peg dolls. I LOVE your ideas and thank God for you and your inspiration. Blessings and have a lovely Easter.

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