Spiritual Bouquet Craft for St. Valentine’s Day

I love the idea to make spiritual bouquets for St. Valentine’s Day. I’ve been meaning to run spiritual bouquets for awhile now, so what better time? 🙂 If you’re new to the concept of spiritual bouquets, you can read my post all about spiritual bouquets here. You can also find all of my resources for celebrating the feast day of St. Valentine here.

I just love this post I found over at Our Domestic Church on Spiritual Bouquets. She explains what they are, and how to use them. She also gives multiple examples and has lots of pictures, plus she links to others that have made them as well! 🙂

{Post on Spiritual Bouquets}

Here are some posts on crafting Valentine bouquets. I’m including these in case you want to turn these ideas into spiritual bouquets!

Find directions on making 7 different St. Valentine’sDay candy bouquets at edible crafts online.

Turn Martha Stewart’s Valentine bouquet

into a spiritual bouquet!

Make this paper doily bouquet with Family Fun. This

is another that will translate to ‘spiritual bouquet’ easily!

These lolipop flowers from Family Fun would be fun

to give to classmates or friends as spiritual bouquets, and

the prayers could be written on the little green leaves.

Make this strawberry bouquet for someone special!

Attach papers with the prayers to the stems.

For these flowers, the prayers could be written right

on the cute little heart shaped petals.

Be sure to check out all of my resources for celebrating the feast day of St. Valentine here!

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