Saints Perpetua And Felicity Resources For Kids

Saints Perpetua and Felicity were brave and wonderful Saints with an inspiring story! Their feast day falls each year on March 7. Also, the month of November is Black Catholic History Awareness Month, so that’s a great time to celebrate their lives as well. Saint Felicity is also known as “Saint Felicitas”. Today, let’s look at some ideas for celebrating the lives of Saints Perpetua and Felicity with these resources for kids.

“Stand fast in the faith and love one another. And do not let what we suffer be a stumbling-block to you!” -St. Perpetua

Saints Perpetua And Felicity Quick Facts

As always, it’s a lot easier to plan out your learning when you know the highlights of the Saints lives yourself! Let’s take a look at Saints Perpetua and Felicity in a nutshell to understand and plan out some celebration ideas. 

I will start off by saying that I have seen these Saints depicted a number of different ways with their skin tones, and while we have no pictures of them so we can’t be certain of their skin tone, they were both from North Africa, so it’s a fair assumption to say that they both had darker skin. 

  • Feast day March 7
  • Martyred together for being Christian
  • Patron Saints of mothers, and expectant mothers
  • St. Perpetua noblewoman from present day Tunisia
  • St. Felicity was St. Perpetua’s slave
  • Both African women
  • St. Perpetua had a small child at the time of her arrest 
  • St. Felicity was expecting a baby while in prison, but wanted to be martyred with her companions, so she prayed for the baby to be delivered in time for the martyrdom 
  • St. Perpetua kept a detailed diary of their imprisonment that shows what a strong bond of friendship these women had, and how awful their time of imprisonment was 
  • She delivered her baby in prison, and was able to see her baby, which she said made prison feel like a palace
  • Both Saints were baptized in prison
  • Converted their prison guards to the faith
  • Perpetua had visions of heaven that included a very long and narrow bronze ladder guarded by weapons and a dragon. She was told the dragon would not harm her, and she used his head as a step to the ladder. 
  • They were thrown to a wild cow in front of a crowd, which was an animal chosen as a mockery to them as women, then they were beheaded 

The strength and friendship of these 2 Saints is so inspiring! I think we are ready to see how to celebrate their lives. 

Sts. Perpetua And Felicity Video For Kids

My Catholic Family has a 20 minute video that’s free to watch that tells the story of Saints Perpetua and Felicity for kids.


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You can also get this video of St. Perpetua , The Perpetua Story, from Amazon, either as a DVD or you can also stream it. 

Torchlighters: The Perpetua Story

Saints Perpetua And Felicity Printables For Kids

Catholic Inspired has a free printable coloring page of Saints Perpetua and Felicity where you can see that St. Felicity is still pregnant. Very sweet coloring page!

Sts. Perpetua and Felicity Coloring Page ~ Honoring These Brave Women!

I especially like how this coloring page from Catholic Playground depicts the cow as well as the Saints.

saints felicity and perpetua coloring page

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The Catholic Kid also has a beautiful coloring page of these Saints available to print for free.

Saint Perpetua and Felicity Coloring Page

Sts. Perpetua And Felicity Crafts And Activities For Kids

I have a printable stand up craft for Saints Perpetua and Felicity here in my All Saints’ Day pack. This craft is super easy to put together and makes a great display for your feast day table or home altar.

You can use the templates inside of my Saint Puppet Ebook to create any Saint you wish, Saints Perpetua and Felicity included. 

More Simple Feast Day Ideas

Try supporting an organization that is run by and helps support African women! I recently purchased these beautiful hand made paper bead bracelets from Project Lydia. These items are made by abandoned and widowed African women and the proceeds go to support themselves and their families. You can read more about it here.

Help put a stop to human trafficking! You can donate to the U.S. Catholic Sisters Against Human Trafficking and see how to make yourself aware of the signs. Read more here

I hope you found some of these ideas useful for learning about Saints Perpetua and Felicity with your kids. 

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