Religious Thanksgiving Craft for Kids

Thanksgiving is coming up and I wanted to do a craft with my kids to help them reflect on the things that we are thankful God has given us. Plus, you guys all know what a sucker I am for handprint crafts, so how could I let Thanksgiving go by without making a turkey craft? 😉

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All you need for this craft is an assortment of colored paper, scissors, a marker, a glue stick, and a thankful heart. Have you child trace their hand and cut it out – they might need help with this. Cut the feathers out of construction paper (I used scalloped craft scissors) and also cut out a yellow triangle and a red teardrop.
Ask your child what they would like to thank God for. My 4 year old was pretty cute coming up with what she was thankful for. My 2 year old wouldn’t say anything but “Lightning McQueen”… Anyway, wright one thing you’re thankful for on each feather, and glue your turkey together.
When your thankful turkey is all glued down, use a marker to give him an eye and some feet. Don’t forget to write “Thank God for…”  at the top. Also, this week I saw that The Crafty Crow has a Thankful Craft Roundup with some super cute ideas! (The Crafty Crow is one of my favorites!)


  1. JOYfilled Family says

    Thanks for the prompting.

    I just posted my family's pre-Advent/Thanksgiving tradition.

    Pax Christi – Lena

  2. I love this. It is just like our ornaments….but with a turkey instead;D

  3. Amy Caroline says

    We are so doing this!!! Thank you Lacy!