Pro-Life Game

For anyone who hasn’t checked their calendars, January 22 is the anniversary of Roe v Wade, and the date of the National March for Life! Here’s an amazing pro life activity for your kids, friends, and the whole family to enjoy!

If any of you haven’t been to Amazing Grace’s Blog yet, you just have to check it out! She’s been a CCD teacher for 12 years, and her whole blog is devoted to Catholic lesson plans for kids of all ages. I asked for her help bringing y’all pro life activities for kids, and she made this amazing game! It’s free and printable! It’s an amazing resource focusing on the science of babies growing in the womb, and is perfect for middle school to high school age kids.

{Go here to print your own game.}Here’s the printed game board and cards. You just glue

it inside a file folder!

You provide your own game pieces.

Aren’t these plastic babies too much fun? 🙂

Each square on the game board has a fact about what’s going

on with the developing baby during that week of pregnancy.

The cards are not only educational, but hilarious!

Some send you forwards through the trimesters…

…but some of them send you back!

See if you can be the first to navigate yourself from

conception through pregnancy and bring your baby to full term!

Remember to go by and tell her how awesome she is for making this available to all of us! 🙂

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