Printable Lenten Meal Planning Pages And Recipe Cards

I am so excited to be putting together my Weaving the Faith binder, and I just couldn’t wait to put together some Lent specific pages designed to be used with this system! This pack includes printable recipe pages, printalbe recipe cards, and meal planning pages that are all themed for Lent! There are also a few meal planning pages specific to Holy Week. There is also a page dedicated to helping you understand the guidelines behind fasting and abstaining during Lent. I love how these Lenten meal planning pages and recipe cards turned out! Let’s take a look. 

This is a Lenten recipe pack that gives you blank pages to fill in you own favorite recipes for the Lenten season! There are 4 recipe cards with Lent themes and different Lent quotes. There are also 2 additional cards specifically for recording your meatless meal recipes, also with Lenten themed quotes. 

You’ll also find a full page to record your own recipes that can be straight into your binder!

There is a page included with the basic guidelines for fasting and abstinence during Lent. This page can be printed and clipped into your Lenten binder, or you can cut out the cards and they will fit perfectly in your recipe box with your Lenten recipes! This way, you’ll never have to wonder what can or can’t go into your dish while cooking during Lent again.

Lent themed meal planning pages for Lent are also included, and the Fridays are marked with a fish. There is also a special page to plan your Holy Week meals, as well as a special page I included at the end that has some links to Holy Week recipes for you. 😉 

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There are also a few versions of meal planning pages that are themed for Lent as well. I hope these pages serve your family while planning your Lenten meals this year.

It can all go behind the “Lent” tab in your new Weaving The Faith binder!

You can find out more about how to use my liturgical binder system, Weaving The Faith, right here!