Pope Francis Craft for Kids

What an exciting week we have had! Welcome, Pope Francis! My kids were so excited to see him come onto the balcony, and what a blessing that we were able to pray an Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be along with the world! We were so excited, we wanted to turn the Pope puppets we’ve been making into Pope Francis puppets, and here he is!

Pope Francis craft and bishop craft on a yellow background.

The templates for making these Pope puppets can be found in my Saint Puppet Ebook. To turn the Pope puppets you already made into specifically Pope Francis puppets, first draw on some glasses with a marker. Then, color his cross brown rather than gold. This is because rather than coming out in the fancy jeweled cross they had prepared for Pope Francis, he chose to come out in his own, simple cross, which I think is simply fabulous. 🙂

Here’s a picture of Julian watching Pope Francis yesterday wearing his Zucchetto that we crafted! So fun!

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Child watching Pope Francis speech wearing a homemade Zucchetto

You can also make a Saint Francis puppet to go along with, and the templates for him are also available in the E-book. You can also check out my St. Francis crafts here, and my round-up of Pope crafts here. You could also celebrate with food or crafts from Argentina.

I’m going to be out of town at a blogging conference over the weekend, so I’ll see you all when I get back on Monday! God bless Pope Francis!!! 😀


  1. It was my understanding that he named himself after St Francis Xavier not St Francis of Assisi.

  2. Khristina says

    I love this blog!!! I am a children’s minister and love the things you do with your kids! I love that even though I am not catholic that I can glean from your GREAT ideas!!! Thanks and keep em comin!

  3. Emily @ Zweber Family Farms says

    It looks like we are going to have another snow day from school tomorrow (spring is in three days right?) So I think we are going to make these puppets and make those Argentinian Alfajores Tricia linked to above. Thank you so much for you website! I love it a lot.

  4. Lacy, is it still possible to get the free puppet e-book? I didn’t get the bonus link in my subscriber email.


  5. Olhem que lindo o nosso fantoche do Papa Francisco.
    Temos uma Missão de Evangelização para crianças, adolescentes e jovens aqui no Brasil.
    Quando eu estava em oração para a Jornada Mundial da Juventude, senti forte em meu coração que deveria criar algo diferente e aí veio a inspiração do fantoche do Papa Francisco, a proposta que Deus colocava em meu coração era:
    1- Fazer as crianças felizes e
    2- Fazer os adultos voltarem a ser crianças.

    E foi exatamente o que aconteceu
    Me emocionei muito.

    Este projeto vive da graça de Deus e da providencia, não cobramos para fazer os eventos e nem para dar formação aos catequistas, afinal, o que Deus de graça nos dá, de graça devemos devolver, não é?
    Rezem por nós!

    Tia Jane