Passion Peg Dolls Meet Block Jerusalem

I suppose I should have seen this coming! The Passion set of printable peg dolls have pretty much permanently moved into block Jerusalem here.

peg dolls in model of jerusalem built from blocks

Having the peg dolls walking around Jerusalem serves a similar purpose to the printable Jerusalem art cards. The kids are matching the events they know to places that they also know now.

catechesis of the good shepherd style jerusalem

Again, this model of Jerusalem is based off of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd models. I really wish we had an Atrium here! My kids actually figured out how to build this cross out of blocks by Calvary. Nifty, huh?

calvary with peg dolls

Here is “Last Supper Jesus” in the upper room.

peg dolls in block jerusalem

Looking over Jerusalem, you can see Pontius Pilate at the Fortress Antonia, where Jesus was condemned to death. Peg doll Pilate is washing his hands. Judas is holding his bag in the Garden of Gethsemane where he betrayed Jesus. Crown of thorns Jesus is on the “Via Delorosa,” or the road to Calvary. Along side the road is Simon, who is helping Jesus to carry his cross, St. Veronica with her veil to wipe his face, his mother Mary, and the weeping women and children of Jerusalem. The Roman guards are guarding each side of the tomb in the back. Last Supper Jesus is in the upper room, and Peter is at the House of Caiaphas, where he first denied Jesus.

peg dolls in jerusalem

The model of Jerusalem and the peg dolls make me so happy right now that I extended the wings of a table in our living room, and I’m letting it be permanently set up right now. The kids built it, and they love it!

You can find full directions for building Jerusalem out of blocks here.

These peg dolls are the printable ones, which means you only paint their heads and decoupage on the bodies. You can find the Passion set of peg dolls here.

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  1. Lynne Tibor says

    This is really awesome. Do you have in mind to make the 12 Diciples for the Upper Room? The Diciples would be a wonderful addition! Thank you for this. Lynne

  2. These peg dolls are amazing!! Would you ever consider doing some Bible story sets for kids? I think an Adam and Eve, David and Goliath peg dolls and other Old and New Testament characters would be wonderful for acting out these stories. Thank you for all the peg dolls you have already created. This has been so helpful in enriching our religion class and our home. Blessings!!

  3. Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea. I did this with our four kids and we love it! I showed our version on my blog.

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