Nun Finger Puppet Craft for Catholic Kids

Catholic ABC’s Week: 30
Letter of the week: Z
Theme: St. Zita
Saint of the Week: St. Zita
Craft: St. Zita Finger Puppet

Here we are at the end of the alphabet! There’s a part of me that thought I’d never get here, but here I am! I followed through with this whole Catholic alphabet series- WHOO HOO! I’ve been working on putting it all together in a complete Catholic preschool curriculum that will be ready by August 2011, and I’m so excited about it! There’s going to be TONS of stuff in the book that’s not on this blog, and I’ve revamped a lot of the crafts etc. It’s the book I wish I had 2 years ago!
Alright, onto the Saint Zita craft. (This craft could be adapted to use for any nun saint if you forgo the broom). 😉
Supplies Needed to Complete this Craft:
  •  Black, white, and skin tone paper or felt
  • Old marker cap
  • Glue
  • Googly eyes
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Yarn or embroidery floss 
 I made this nun finger puppet 2 different ways. The picture above has one made from felt, and the picture below has a nun made from construction paper, so you have options.
Either way your pieces will look something like this:
St. Zita is the patron saint of maids and domestic servants- hence the broom. To make the broom twist some yarn or embroidery floss around in a circle, twist a pipe cleaner around it, and then cut the bristles free.

I glued our construction paper nun together with regular school glue. The marker cap goes on the back.
Marker caps fit on children’s fingers or adult pinkies pretty well:
I used hot glue to put out felt nun together because it attaches instantly, but you could use regular glue if you’re patient. Just glue around the 2 curved edges but leave the bottom open for your finger to go in.
These are a lot of fun and I plan on making more saints soon! It would be fun to have a whole collection of these! For more ideas, check out my paper bag nun puppets– they’re fun, too! 🙂
Grab Bag Ideas for the Letter Z: (be sure to check out the Classroom Script
for directions on using the grab bag.) zebra, zucchini, zig zag, zipper, zero, ziplock baggie, picture of the zoo.
For More Resources, check out the Catholic Toolbox lesson plans for the Letter Zz.
Catholic ABC’s runs here at Catholic Icing every Wednesday with the new
letter of the week. You can find the details of the program here.


  1. oh darn. .for some reason the pictures for the craft are missing on my screen. . I’ll check back later. .

  2. Very cute! I’m going to have to make these tomorrow on St. Zita’s feast day! We are also making this Zz filled recipe, “St. Zita Zucchini Ziti”

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