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Alright, ya’ll. I’m actually leaving for Philadelphia today, and so I won’t be in my dining room on my laptop in the office for the next week or so… but I will be sharing my trip with you on Instagram! 🙂

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Some of my trip will also be shared from my facebook page, which many of you already follow. However, the Catholic Icing facebook page is mostly a place to bring you resources for Catholic children.

Overall, I’m planning for my Instagram page to be a place to share more of my personal life with you. All the time, I have to maintain self control to keep this site the niche resource for Catholic kids that it is, and ya’ll, let me tell you… it takes a lot of self control! Lol! Do I want to share pictures with you when I make an awesome birthday cake? You bet I do! Do I want to share pictures with you when I sew some new curtains for my bedroom? Of course, yes!

But here’s the deal- Catholic Icing isn’t my site… it’s your site. It’s a place for you to come when you need Catholic crafts, inspiration, curriculum, and basically, resources for your Catholic kids. It’s not a place for me to parade pictures of our family vacations, or un-related craft activities. So now, my Instagram page will be. 🙂

So if you’d like to see me and my #paperpope make a trip to Philadelphia (and future adventures of mine and my family) feel free to follow me now. 🙂


PS. So I was planning on bring this printable paper Pope Francis craft I made and taking silly pictures with him while I was on my trip. I was going to call him #paperpope. Then I caught sight of #flatfrancis on social media, and realized my idea wasn’t so original after all. lol. So now I’m calling my little guy the not-so-flat-francis. 😉

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  1. Kimberly Famolaro says

    Lacy, I want to thank you for sharing your journey over the past 2 years..,…for how could we all ever know just how to pray for you? Now we do. You will be added to my prayer list. I also want to thank you for helping all of us fans of Catholic Icing….I treasure our Holy Week in Handprints. I am grateful Everytime I pull it out for Holy Week. It is now our turn to bless you back with our prayers for your beautiful family. I know God has a wonderful plan for such a faith filled, Godly woman like yourself. I leave you with this, my new favorite scripture, “The Lord himself will fight for you, you only need to be still” Exodus 14:14. Blessed Holy Week and Glorious Easter season! Thank you!

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