Happy Birthday Jesus Cake with Nativity Cookies!

In keeping with our “Wishing Jesus Happy Birthday” theme this week, I had to include a “Happy Birthday Jesus” cake! What is a birthday without a cake anyway? Making Jesus a Birthday cake has become an annual Christmas tradition at our house. We make the cake on Christmas day (a fun afternoon activity) and then we eat it for dessert after Christmas dinner. Don’t forget to sing Jesus Happy Birthday and blow out the candles first! 😉

I’m not much of a baker, and I’m not an expert when it comes to decorating with icing. If I want to make cute cakes, I have to think of another way. Last year I decorated the birthday cupcakes with nativity cookies, which was super easy! You can see how I make nativity cookies here (no decoration skills needed). My nativity cookie cutter set came from Catholic Child Catalog, and they’re also available on Amazon. This set doesn’t come with an angel or a shepherd, and I substituted a different star I had from another set.

Cupcake tower with happy birthday Jesus banner and cupcakes with nativity cookies.

First, we made cupcakes and added birthday sprinkles. I had already made a set of these cookies for my cookie exchange.

Cupcakes with nativity cookies

I stacked the cupcakes up my cupcake stand, placing the star cookie at the top.

Top cupcake on cupcake tower with star cookie

I made a miniature “Happy Birthday Jesus” bunting with scrapbooking paper, embroidery floss, and a glue stick. I tied the ends to miniature candy canes and inserted them into the cupcakes to hold up the bunting.

Happy Birthday Jesus Cupcake Tower

I used a butter knife to make a slit into the top of the cupcakes and then inserted the cookies standing straight up.

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Nativity Cookie Cupcakes

Nativity Cookie Cupcakes

The kids had a lot of fun putting this together with me, and I’m always looking for an excuse to use my cute cupcake stand.

Happy Birthday Jesus Cupcakes and Cookies

This year I’m planning to make a regular cake and decorate the tops with pieces from a nativity set. I’m sure I’ll post all about it next year. 😉 You can find more ideas for making Happy Birthday Jesus Cakes here.

Also, I wanted to let you know I’m going to be hosting a Christmas link-up on Saturday! So bring your Christmas links here then! 🙂

I’ll be posting every day this week with ideas for celebrating Jesus’ Birthday! Don’t miss the rest of the series!

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  1. The cupcakes with the cookie toppers are adorable! My husband’s family has been doing a Happy Birthday Baby Jesus party for going on 40 years at this point, but they go for more of a birthday party feel than a Nativity party feel. I may try this one myself at home with my kids. Thanks for the idea!

  2. A couple years ago, I iced a cake and set the cookie cutters on top and piped in the icing. It worked well.

  3. I just found your site through a comment on another crafting website and am so glad I did! I hadn’t come across any other crafty sites run by Catholics with good ideas to do with our children. I have already given your site address to my Mom to share with the Moms group at her church and I shared it this morning at the Moms Prayer group at our church. I also already ordered the fabric Advent wreath and the Advent book you recommended “Getting Ready for Christmas.” I will sure be checking your site a lot and trying the ideas out with our little girls. Thank You!

  4. I really love your nativity cookies. I pinned this post!

  5. Enjoying all of your delightful Advent posts. Thank you for all of your selfless service and sharing with others!

  6. A couple years ago I put the same cookie cutters on an iced caked and just piped in colored icing to get the shapes. It turned out pretty well.

  7. I love this idea! I am going to make it a point to get something posted online for the linky tomorrow. I am between internet service so I am having a hard time. We switched from cable to satelite and now I can’t get internet out here in the country except through the cable co… be back tomorrow! 🙂

  8. Honey @ Sunflower Schoolhouse says

    What a creative idea. I love it. I have been thinking we need to do some form of birthday cake for Christmas.

  9. Just wanted to say Thank You! for all the wonderful sharing you do. Your website is a true blessing. I love receiving your email updates and I’ve share you website with my friends. I so glad that God has given us beautiful earthly angels like you. God Bless You and Thank You.