God’s Eyes or ‘Ojo de Dios’

I have fond memories of crafting God’s Eyes as a child. I guess some Christian crafts just don’t go out of style 🙂 They symbolize the all seeing eye of God. This craft is great for kids of a wide age span, and the materials are easy to come by!

Blue, white, and red yarn God's Eye

I was thinking that making some red white and blue God’s Eyes (or Ojo de Dios) would be a fun activity for the 4th of July, followed by a prayer asking God to “watch over” our great country! Here’s what you need to make them:

Blue, white, and red yarn with scissors, wood sticks, and craft glue

Materials Needed:

  • Several colors of yarn
  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Glue (optional)
  • Scissors

First, glue the sticks in the shape of a cross and allow them to dry. Then, take your yarn and weave it in an “x” shape to fill in the middle of the sticks. Next, begin weaving the God’s eye. You do this by wrapping your yarn in a circle around one stick, turning it 90 degrees, and bringing the yarn at a diagonal to the next stick. Then you wrap it around the next stick and keep repeating until you’re finished!

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Wood stick cross being weaved around with yarn


Display of craft by child


Display of God's Eye Craft

Red, White, and Blue- what do the colors symbolize?

  • Red- hardiness & valor
  • White- purity & innocence
  • Blue- vigilance, perseverance & justice


  1. Kathleen's Catholic says

    I remember making these as a kid. So much fun!

  2. Sometimes I think you read my mind! LOL I am looking for spiritual things to do with my kids for the fourth of July to reinforce the fact that our country was built "Under God". This one is going on the list! 🙂

  3. Michelle, Muffin Tin Mom says

    You are so kind to include my picture tutorial as a reference. I LOVE the idea of using this as a 4th of July craft!

  4. Michelle, Muffin Tin Mom says

    You are so kind to include my picture tutorial as a reference. I LOVE the idea of using this as a 4th of July craft!

  5. Jana_alanda says

    Ojo de Dios is not Catholic.  It's a Huichol spiritual object and they were known for their long tradition of rejecting the Catholic faith.  They believe in polytheism and that these weavings are portalling devices that can lead to other states of consciousness or the spiritual plane.  The sticks are a "wand", the four points are "earth, air, fire and water", and the center is " the ‘eye’, 'hole' or 'mirror' is the magical portal through which humanity and deity perceive each other".  I remember seeing these as a child too but my mom wouldn't have us do the craft because they were always presented by the new age people in our town.  This craft can be beautifully done but it's of a different religion not compatible with the Catholic faith.

    • I think you are mistaken, it is very compatible with the Catholic faith as many of Mexico’s indigenous descendants practice Catholicism in present day. The indigenous culture and religion of the Huichol people is alive and well and meshed with the Catholicism brought by the Spaniards. Many Catholics in Mexico as well as the Mexican Americans living in the United States create and display God’s Eyes showing the connection of the two cultures.