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Thank you so much for purchasing Catholic ABC’s! It means so much to me that you supported this site by buying a product, and it will ensure the future development of quality Catholic resources for kids. 

This special page that is only for those who have purchased Catholic ABC’s gives me a place to provide you with even more amazing resources to help you teach preschool this year. 

Easy Printing From The Book “Master Copies” Section

Also, I’m so excited to provide these pages from the “Master Copies” section of Catholic ABC’s online for your easy convenience! Click here to download your pages now. 🙂

Free Printable ABC Scripture Cards

Adding a little scripture into your letter of the week is a great way to make sure that your Catholic kids are familiar with the bible and the concept of memorizing scripture. When we have memorized scripture, it stays with us and it can come to the front of our brain at the times that we need it the most. God can use that memorization as a tool to speak to us. 

Free Printable Catholic ABC Scripture Cards

Scripture Memorization System: A system to use your scripture cards in a spiraling-type program so the kids are reminded of their past Scripture verses. This system really works!

More Resources To Help You Get Started

ABC Saints: These are now available as a download, and match the Catholic ABC’s Saints of the week! These include the Saints from A-Z in both black and white and in color. The Saints are printed, colored, cut, and glued around toliet paper tubes to make them stand up. These fun characters are loved by children of all ages!

catholic icing's abc saints

Prayer Table Set-Up: Some specifics of the prayer table I use for Catholic ABC’s closing circle time.

How To Implement Hands-On At Home: A very in-detail post about the nuts and bolts of having Montessori inspired activities in your home. This post will walk you through what is affordable, reasonable, and DO-able. 🙂

How To Make Alphabet Grab Bags: For anyone wanting to teach preschool more than once, it can definitely be worth the time to put together some bags you can use over and over.