Easy DIY Rainbow Cake (From Leftover Candy)

As you all know, the rainbow is a symbol from the Bible of new hope, new beginnings, and God’s promises to us. You can find all of my rainbow For anyone out of the loop, the rainbow has also become a symbol of hope during the Coronavirus quarantine. People all over the world are displaying rainbows! I think this is the perfect symbol as Noah’s family had to go into the arc for a long time, waiting out the rain. At the end of their journey, the rainbow appeared. What could be a better hopeful symbol during this quarantine?!

Cake is always a fun way to bring a little sparkle to a day at home, and baking with the kids is one of the ways we have been utilizing our new found time together. I am not a master cake decorator, so I am always about finding ways to decorate a cake that don’t involve complicated icing tips. What can be done with basic cake decorating skills?

Well check out this easy rainbow cake… it is decorated with just leftover Easter candy!

I will show you step by step how to decorate this super easy cake. It is decorated with candy only, with NO icing skills needed!

Supplies Needed To Decorate Easy Candy Rainbow Cake

Start by baking a cake, whatever your favorite recipe is (I like to use box mixes, Duncan Hines brand is my favorite) and ice the basic cake with white icing. If you prefer to bake your cake from scratch, you can check out this vanilla cake recipe, and also this basic white icing recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction, which is fabulous. We made a circle shaped cake but this candy decoration technique can work on any shape of cake.

  • A cake that is iced white
  • An assortment of candy (Any colors, textures, etc. The picture above shows what candy we had.)
  • Mini marshmallows

That is it! This is going to go together like a breeze and it’s going to come out so cute! Let me show you how it goes together.

Start with your red candy of all assortments to create the first stripe of your rainbow. Take your first candy, and place it in a curve, but with space in between so you can fill in with your other candies. It should look something like this.

Now take each of your candies and do the same thing in red. The idea is to mix all the different candies together so that you don’t have any 2 of the same candies touching each other. This allows you to use up candy scraps leftover from the kids and also create a cute and eclectic design on the top of your cake. Here is the red stripe of the rainbow all finished. 

You can see that mixing in different shades of red, even pink, totally work! If you candies are different shapes, sizes, and shades, it just brings interest to this super easy cake decorating technique. Repeat this with your other colors, and your rainbow should start looking something like this.

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Then, you want to take your mini marshmallows and makes piles of “clouds” at each end of your rainbow. If you want your clouds to have some extra debth, you can pipe a little bit of white icing on the back of some to be able to stack them on top of each other. This can bring an extra cute factor to your rainbow cake.

That is it! Can you believe how easy it is to decorate this rainbow cake?! And all you used was leftover candy!

Your kids are sure to love this easy and tasty beauty! 

Hope this brings some joy to your family right now, and helps you get rid of some of that leftover Easter candy.

If you want to read more about the rainbow being a symbol of hope during this COVID 19 shutdown, check out this article and also these hashtags: #518rainbowhunt #rainbowhunt #rainbowhuntworldwide

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