Keeping the Catholic resources on my site free for my readers is my first priority.
I don’t want to charge my readers for the content here- I believe it should be available for free to everyone. The purpose of CatholicIcing.com is to help you find ideas for celebrating the Catholic faith with your families or classrooms. By sharing ideas, crafts, snacks, and lesson plans, I hope to help you bring the Catholic faith to children around the world – and I love doing it! At the same time, I believe that it’s perfectly okay for me to be paid for the time and effort put into this blog. I have a number of costs associated with running a blog of this size including hosting space, tech support, etc not to mention craft supplies ;-).

I accept paid advertising on the sidebar of the blog, and I use affiliate links when appropriate. What this means is that sometimes when you see a link, I get a small kickback from the company for each person who orders something from the site. I only post about products that I have, or that I wish I had. You won’t see me recommend random things here just to make a quick buck! I cannot be paid for a good review – if I don’t like the product I’m not going to say that I do. Period. You can trust that I’m being honest in every opinion and review I share here at Catholic Icing, and sponsored posts will always be disclosed to my readers.

Sometimes my site contains content that might be a conflict of interest- and I don’t always identify it. I’m not looking to offend anyone, but we’re not all going to agree on everything.

I will never accept business from a website or company that I cannot endorse. I have turned down opportunities for ads and content before for this reason, and you can rest assured that I will do it again and again.

I do link to a lot of other blogs and websites when I see projects or ideas I think will be useful for my readers. I do not necessarily agree with the views or content of the other sites I link to. I will do my best to avoid linking to sites of which I do not agree.

I also have some ad network ads on this blog. I do have some control over what is advertised, and I have done my best to filter out offensive material. If you ever see anything in these ads that you think I wouldn’t agree with, please email me- I probably don’t know it’s there.

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Thank you to everyone who shares their ideas with the Catholic community here! 🙂 Everything I post at Catholic Icing is meant to be beneficial to the Catholic and the blogging community. I always give credit to where each idea came from. I never include more than one picture of any one project or any directions for completing the project. The point of this is to direct to internet traffic back to the site where I found the idea.

However, if you see your work on this site and would like to have it removed, please email me.