Catholic Mom Bundle (Lent 2022)

The new Catholic Mom Bundle for Lent 2022 is going live on Monday, February 7! Come back here to get yours then 🙂

If there’s anything y’all know about me, it’s that I love a good deal, and I know you do too! I am so excited to share this new Catholic Mom Bundle with you for Lent of 2022, and the value is going to blow your socks off! And guess what?! You will totally find a Catholic Icing goodie in this bundle! Check out this Catholic Mom Lent Bundle for 2022!

This Catholic Mom Lent Bundle is available for 5 days only! If you were to purchase all of these downloads separately, they would cost you $812, but in the bundle you can get all of them for just $25! That is a 97% discount on these downloads. This really is a great deal, so don’t miss out- grab your pack now before this sale ends! After February 11, it’s gone for good.

The link I’m sharing to the bundle here is my affiliate link, and I super appreciate your support of Catholic Icing. 


What I Submitted For The Bundle

This year, I shared a printable Lenten home altar pack! 

This includes:

  • My complete Home Altar Guide
  • Beautiful Lenten Art
  • A Sorrowful Mysteries of the rosary candle wrap
  • An Almsgiving box for Lent
  • Sacrifice Beans labels for both Lent and Easter
  • Stations of the Cross cards/bunting (available in the Catholic Icing shop for $3)
  • Special Lent 2022 page for displaying important days

For Catholic Icing Monthly Membership members, most of this will be included in your March pack, although the Stations of the Cross cards will not. For non members, this is a great opportunity to try out some of my printable home altar pieces! 

Angie’s Pack:

And I also want to blurb Angie’s project from Real Life At Home that’s in the bundle! It’s an adorable Saint bundle for kids that includes:

  • Stand up Saint stautes
  • Little Saint books
  • Saint puzzles
  • Saint coloring pages 

You get all of the following for each Saint, and all of these Saint feast days happen during Lent this year! Almost all the pages are in both black and white AND in color, so you can choose how you print them. I think this pack is absolutely adorable, and it includes 5 Saints 🙂

More Of My Faves From This Year’s Bundle

I know that y’all love the crafty kid stuff like me, so let’s take a look at what I know you will love! (I have already previewed all the files and these are the things I’m super excited about that I don’t want you to miss downloading!) 

These super awesome Saint bookmarks


Sacrament lapbooks (I love Sara’s Catholic lapbooks!)


Saints and Scripture for our emotions printables- so cute!


Lenten coloring pages for kids


A big Marian bundle for kids

Post continues after this brief information about the Catholic Icing Monthly Membership

Monthly Liturgical Membership

Catholic Liturgical Monthly Membership

Perfect for families! Each month you gain access to printable activity pages, crafts, home altar pieces, and more.
Never has living the liturgical year been so easy and affordable!


Saints from the USA printable pack (really a beautiful pack!)


A St. Joseph pack- perfect for March!


And even more St. Joseph 🙂


Look at this printable Lenten alphabet! SO CUTE!


Also… Catholic play dough mats!!!


Bottom line is… this bundle is crammed with Catholic awesomeness! 


A Complete List Of What You Get

I already featured some items I thought would appeal to y’all the most, but also, here’s a complete list of what’s included in the bundle.

  • Lent
    • “Catholic Saints Crafts and Activities Packet for Kids” by Real Life at Home
    • “Christ’s Hands and Feet – Lenten Challenge” by Just Love Prints
    • “Lent Activity Bundle for Catholic Kids” by The Kennedy Adventures
    • “Lent Coloring Page Bundle” by The Little Rose Shop
    • “Lent Planner Sticker Bundle” by Home by Washington
    • “Lent Reflection Booklets & ABCs” by Adventures of a 4th Grade Classroom
    • “Lent with the Saints 24 Coloring Page Bundle” by Catholic Paper Goods
    • “Lent/Easter Booklet + Prayer Table Pack” by Maryvale Press
    • “Lenten Art and Prayer Printables” by Kolbe’s Little Flowers
    • “Lenten bundle + bonus for mom” by Seeds for Sainthood
    • “Lenten Prayer Images and Meditations” by Leanne Bowen
    • “March and April Catholic Copywork” by Minds and Hearts
    • “Meatless Meals, Lenten Feast Days, and Easter Triduum” by His Girl Sunday
    • “Stations of the Cross cards and Confession Guide for Kids” by Catholic Homebody


    • “2022 Printable Planner Pack” by Sincerely Ari
    • “Count Your Blessings Printable” by Rough2Rustic
    • “Garden Planner” by Elizabeth Clare
    • “God you are in Everything” by Small Things Gr8 Love
    • “God’s Kintsugi: A Catholic Devotional for Moms of Differently Wired Kids” by Not So Formulaic
    • “Holy & Hard: 75 Days Hard for Holy Souls” by Catholic Wellness Mom
    • “Marriage Bundle” by Surprised by Marriage
    • “Meal Plan and Prep Video Workshop” by Active Purpose
    • “Pray, Fast, Give Embroidery Pattern” by Happy Nest Home Goods
    • “Present in the Pain – A Catholic retreat for grieving mothers” by Eileen Tully
    • “Sacred Lettering Workbook” by Little Way Design Co

    Family Faith

    • “Chaplet of St. Joseph Guide” by With a Joyful Heart
    • “Marian Activity Bundle” by Call Her Happy
    • “Pray with Scripture for Your Family” by Someday Saints
    • “Revolving Rosary and Novena Prayer Cards” by Arma Dei
    • “Saints & Scripture for Our Emotions” by Interior Kingdom
    • “Seven Sacraments Lapbook” by Sara J Creations
    • “Sharing Faith: How to Tell your Witness Story to Your Children” by Colleen Pressprich
    • “Works of Mercy Stationery Set” by Michelle Solomon Art

    Young Kids

    • “Catholic Play Dough Mats” by Ginny and Saje
    • “God’s Wonderful World Creation Craft Kit” by To Jesus Sincerely
    • “Good Shepherd Video Series” by Faith and Puppets
    • “Saintly Alphabet Flash Cards / Coloring Sheets” by Worthy of Agape
    • “Spring Bundle Children’s Printables” by Saintly Heart
    • “St. Joseph Bundle: Story + Activity sheets” by Gilda Rose

    Older Kids

    • “Be Yourself: Catholic Girl’s Coloring Pages” by Prayer Wine Chocolate
    • “Living the Beatitudes: a collection for middle schoolers” by Faith That Works
    • “The Wanderlust Catholic – 2 digital months” by Annunciation Designs
    • “U.S. Holy Men and Women Collection Pack” by Divine Inspiration Art


    • “Catholic Saints Bookmarks Bundle” by Loubird Creations
    • “Home Altar Guide And Lenten Home Altar” by Catholic Icing
    • “Our Holy Friends in Heaven Printables” by Catholic Creations
    • “Sacred Art Prints” by Joyous Dwelling
    • “Stabat mater dolorósa” by Saint.ionery

Why Can Bundles Be So Affordable?

I have often wondered this about bundles myself. I mean it’s SUCH a good deal that it has to fall under that “too good to be true” category, right? Nope! It works because each contributor earns an affiliate rate for the packs they sell themselves to cover the cost of the downloads they contributed, then a portion goes to the organizer, and the last portion is split by all the small businesses.

This is actually a genus system that makes this a win win all the way around, and especially for you the consumer! In this case, you’re getting these downloads for 95% off. 

The kicker is that everyone signs contracts for how long the bundle can be sold, so at the end of this 5 days, this bundle deal is truly gone forever, and it really will cost you over $400 to purchase  all the downloads separately. 

This Bundle Really Is A Limited Time Offer!

So what are you waiting for? Time is running out- grab your pack now before this sale ends



  1. I really want to buy this but I’ve never bought “printable” items… how does it work? How do I get my prints to turn out as lovely as the ones in the pictures?

    • Hi Steph –

      If you think your printer won’t print things well or you don’t have a color printer, you could always try to have things printed at a copy shop after you’ve downloaded them.

      If you want to buy, definitely do it soon! It won’t be available after Friday night.

      Angie, Catholic Icing Project Manager

  2. I just saw this 🙁 Is there any way this will come back on sale.

    • Hi Lisa –

      Lacy was just a participant in the bundle and not the owner/organizer. Everyone who was a contributor signed a contract with the organizer (Lorelei – owner of the site Catholic Mom Bundle) that was an agreement that Lorelei would only sell the bundle from November 8 – 12, 2021. So, unfortunately, it is no longer available and Lorelei is contractually unable to sell it beyond November 12th.

      If there was anything that you really loved in it, everything is for sale individually on each contributor’s site or shop. So, you can still get everything, it would just cost more than buying it during the bundle.

      Sorry to not have better news!

      Angie, Catholic Icing Project Manager

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