Catholic Crafts for Kids

Kids can enjoy these Catholic crafts any time!

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Make some Pony Bead Rosaries with
Pondered in my Heart.
Multicolored lineup of rosaries
Then craft a beautiful Rosary Box to
keep your rosary in! 🙂
Wooden box painted purple with picture of Mary on top
I love the idea for Crafting Holy Water Fonts.
This craft comes from Cottage Blessings.
Holy water fonts decorated with beads and religious symbols
Try this craft using Religious Metals.
This was also found on Cottage Blessings.
Light blue ribbon with medal of mercy
Craft a Monstrance with God’s Canvas.
Plastic candle sticks with Eucharist crafts on top
Check out this idea for decorating
Holy Water Bottle Necklaces with Cottage Blessings.
Heart Bottle Necklaces
Also find these Marian Lanterns on Cottage Blessings.
So many cute ones! Click over to see more pictures.
Blue paper lantern with mary letters on it and fake flowers
I also loved Cottage Blessing’s idea to make
Miniature Shrines. How cute are these?
Miniature shrine with Mary Statuette
For more ideas, check out all my posts that have crafts for kids. Happy Catholic crafting! 🙂


  1. Oooh! I love them all! I really want some twine so I can learn to make some knotted rosaries. I think that those pony bead ones would be really cool! I need more pony beads than what I have. Also, there are some sports themed and other themed pony beads at Oriental Trading Company!

  2. Always such great ideas on this site. Thanks so much for all the inspiration and for sharing such wonderful ideas 🙂