A Lot Of Changes For The Rabideau Family

As ya’ll might have noticed, my blog posts have been a bit sparse for the last year or so. That’s because my family and I have been going through a lot personally. I’m not going to get into any specific details, but your prayers are appreciated.

For anyone who reads here regularly, it’s probably pretty easy to see that God and my family are the most important things to me. And when my family needs me, Catholic Icing will always go on the back burner.

After much prayer and consideration about our family situation, Mark and I decided to put the kids in school this year. My kids have been home with me and exclusively homeschooled for their entire lives, so this was a huge change for us.



They are adjusting to school just fine! I thought putting them in school would be a somewhat traumatic experience for them, but it’s not the big deal I thought it would be.

To add even more change to the mix, I decided to finish my degree. Back in the day, I was an Art Education major with dreams of being an elementary school art teacher. However, 3 semesters shy of graduation, I dropped out to stay home with Lydia. I’ve never regretted this decision, but I am excited to finish my degree now.


Anabelle won’t be ready for Kindergarten until next year, so she is still home with me. I am really enjoying my time with just her! My friends and family have been really helpful in keeping her while I’m in class. It’s pretty awesome to have a support network, and I have one of the best. 🙂


I can’t tell you how much I love being back in school! I haven’t had any time to devote to my own art in quite awhile now, so remembering that I am an artist has been fun. In fact, I converted the homeschool room into an art studio for now.

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It didn’t take the kids long to try and take over my new studio- lol


In the interest of sharing more things that have changed, my living room is now purple!


Other than that, we’re pretty much being our same goofy selves.


You know the goofy families- those ones that IKEA hates to see coming…. 😉

Now that we’re getting good and settled into our new routine, I’m getting back into the swing of Catholic Icing again as well. Looking forward to seeing ya’ll around more, and I have some special posts in store for all of you soon! As always, thanks for reading! 🙂



  1. Lacy, may God bless you abundantly on this new journey you and your family are on! As always, thank you for sharing the beauty and fun of our Catholic faith and for inspiring me and so many! Love that purple wall too! 🙂

  2. JMJt. God be with you, and your children!

  3. Thanks for the update! You have a wonderful blog that is inspiring for so many. It’s great you’ve made changes and listened to Him in what to do next.

    This is our 2nd year using your pre-k program-it’s also wonderful!

    God bless you, Lacy!

  4. Exciting changes! Will be glad to start seeing more Posts, though. Will pray for you! You need to update your bio to include “artist”!

  5. That’s exciting for you all! I will be praying for your family situation, and looking forward to whatever you post, whenever you post it. Thank you for being a good example of keeping first things first.

  6. Lacy, after homeschooling my children for the last 4 years, I also decided to enroll them in school this year. It has proven to be a blessing for us, and I wish the same for your family! God bless you in all you do!

  7. Good luck on your new adventures! I teach art too! I can tell how much you love art from reading your posts! Do you kids go to a Catholic school? That purple wall suits your family perfectly! I remember you talking about how much you love purple! 🙂 We will be looking forward to more posts from you in the future.

  8. Thank you for all you share. I’ve used your advise/activities often with my family. The Lord will call us to go out into the schools so that we may bring His light in there. He’s called my family in the same way. We are modern day missionaries! May the peace of Jesus Christ fill your hearts. Zilkia/Miami, FL

  9. I’m a (fairly new) catechist from Dubai, and I’m preparing my class (about 25) to receive their First Holy Communion next year. I wanted to thank you for all your hard work in planning these lovely activities and I hope you will continue to be inspired by the Holy Spirit in whatever you do.

  10. God Bless you Lacey. You have brought so much joy and fun into teaching the catholic faith to children. You were my go to when I was teaching Kindergarten. I just retired after 17 years in my same Kindergarten room at Catholic school. Change has been good, but I miss teaching the little ones about our faith. Your projects always enriched our liturgical year in the classroom. Thank-you for that! God Bless you on your new journey.

  11. Congratulations on going back to school and your kids too! Exciting and fun times ahead and I know everyone will do fine. By the way, my mom was an elementary school art teacher and my father was the P.E. teacher at the same school. I had BOTH parents as my teachers! LOL! 🙂

  12. Good choice, Lacey. I am always sad to see homeschoolers go back to school, but that is based on my own baggage. They all eventually grow up and for the most part, turn out fine. I am sure much prayer went into this decision and am looking forward to hearing about your new experiences!

  13. My kids are in public school. I love to welcome them home with feast day celebrations. We are hoping to teach them to be in the world but not of the world. Our family, too, is going through some changes. We are being uprooted from a job that I know God led my husband to. We are wondering where God is going to lead us next.

  14. Good luck, Lacy! Many blessings to your family!

  15. Best of Luck in school! I have a similar dream to finish an art degree. One of the things I love about sending my kids to school is that they encounter so many awesome adults/teachers that bring out so many beautiful things in my kids that I don’t think would have been as apparent without those people in our lives. Cheers!

  16. Elizabeth Clare says

    Yes, lots of changes for you all! It is wonderful that homeschooling was a tool your family could use for awhile. While I love homeschooling, it is a decision that we make year to year. Circumstances change and your family needs must be at the top of the ladder always. Praying many blessings for you all!

  17. We too decided to put the kids in school after 6 years of homeschooling. They’re on their third year in a small private catholic school, and loving it! It can be hard for us moms, but sometimes you have to what’s best for the family Thanks for your inspiration!

  18. I am super curious to hear how you find your schedule shaping up with this transition. We have been seriously considering putting our lifetime-homeschooled kids in the charter school where my husband teaches next year, but are leaning away from it because we are worried about the time drag – will they still have time to play? Will we still have time to hang out together in the evenings? That’s our big hangup, homework and school hours eating everything else up. But we’ve never actually done it, so we don’t really know, you know? 🙂

    • It’s really different- not worse, just different. We certainly don’t have as much time as we did but we still have time. There’s no harm in trying school- you can always pull them out and start homeschooling again any time. Sometimes us homeschool moms start thinking this decision is life or death… and it’s not. It’s easily undone. I don’t think there’s any harm in trying if it’s been on your mind. Only you can decide what’s right for your family, but my kids are learning new skills at school. Nothing is all pros or all cons, so it’s a mixture. But sometimes a little change is good. 🙂

  19. You have been such a gift to the catholic community! I have learned so much and enjoyed teaching my daughter with the tools you have posted in your blog. Prayers for your family and many blessings. God bless and thank you!

  20. Megan Harkins says

    Praying for your entire family during these transitions. Our family, too, made the decision to enroll our fourth and second grader in public school. And we too were amazed at how well they transitioned… even the teachers were impressed 🙂

  21. Good luck, Lacey. You need a little”me time” Glad the kids are adjusting well.


    Hello Lacy,

    We wish the Best for you and your Family.
    Thanks so Much for everything you do in this post! You can count with our prayers
    God Bless you all

  23. Thanks for sharing this next chapter in your family’s life! After homeschooling for the past 3 years, our oldest two are in public school this year also. Funny how one of the hardest aspects at the beginning was freeing myself of the pressure and self imposed labels. I realized that my self-identity had become unhealthily intertwined with the title of “homeschool mom.” However, learning to simply be content with my vocation as wife and mother has been a refreshing adjustment. I look forward to your future posts. May God bless you all!

  24. Linda Marie says

    I applaud you for being able to homeschool for as long as you have! As a veteran teacher of 40+ years, I know you will always look back on those days with greatly cherished memories. Hopefully, you will continue to enjoy your renewed student-status, and use your great talents in the classroom. God bless you for sharing your ideas and creativity!

  25. Wow! Congratulations on you going back to school.
    I am thankful for all the work and love you have put into this website. I have been teaching cathecism for the past year and have to say I turn to you for help every weekend. You have touch the lives of many kids.
    God bless you on your new journey .
    Ps: I am a blessed mother of two , and I am always bestowed by my kids resilience and ease to transition. It is us the adults that struggle .

  26. Hi Lacy,
    I came to know your blog just today and am glad I did. God bless!

  27. Eva Monroy says

    Prayers for you and the family. You are a blessing to us with your blog.

  28. Trenna Kelley says

    we wish and pray for the best for you and your family. WE have certainly enjoyed your blog and resources. we will miss seeing more. Just curious if you will be finishing the family religious notebooking pages. I was so looking forward to using them.

  29. Oh, I’m sad you aren’t homeschooling…if just to miss your wisdom here! But I’m sure you will be a wonderful teacher. I will remember you at mass today. I hope you will post once in a while to let us know how you are doing…I know you will be crazy busy! I have been a mom-student before, lol.

  30. I never homeschooled, but I was at home with my kids until very recently. I went back to work, at their school, and everyone is happier than they’ve been in a while (myself included.) Schedules are more hectic and days are a bit longer, but my littlest is at a Catholic pre-school and getting so much more out of her days than I ever offered her, my olders are super proud to have me at their school, and I feel more well rounded as a person, being able to serve others at work in addition to my family at home and friends at church. God is good! Enjoy your changes 🙂

  31. Was just checking in to Catholic Icing in anticipation of the Advent season. Wow, what changes! Good for you all! I want to thank you for your contributions over the years, and let you know our family has greatly benefited from Catholic Icing. I would say you have helped make each season, or Catholic celebration more tangible for us. May God bless your beautiful family!

  32. God bless you in this new chapter! I always love visiting CatholicIcing.

  33. What a brave decision! I pray that God would bless you and your children just as He has used you to bless the rest of us with your lovely posts. And that your children will bless everyone around them and add a lovely element to the culture of the classes that they are in.

  34. Adriana Maes says

    Wow! This all Great News! I love your Blog! I teach Faith Formation at my church and I love getting ideas from your blog! Also, I got a chance to hear you speak at The World Meeting of Families in Philly! You are such an inspiration! Keep Moving Forward!

  35. Wow! Lots of exciting changes for you and your family. I have never home schooled – although my professional background is teaching (of grown-ups). But for a variety of reasons I didn’t think I could do it. So I admire the fact that you did home school for several years before making the decision to enroll your children in public school. I hope you can continue to post from time to time – LOVE your site. I am an American living in Singapore and teach CCD in our local church for the expat community and find your site so helpful! Wishing you and your family best wishes for this holiday season and 2017 as you continue this exciting new chapter in your life!

  36. I have followed your blog for several years and it has been so helpful. I purchased your preschool book 4 years ago when our oldest was starting kindergarten. I used it today!

    I hate to admit, but, I am sad you are no longer homeschooling. I am happy for you. Happy you get to return to school and finish something. Homeschooling is such a hard decision, one I have struggled with for several years. We homeschooled for one year, sent them to public school for two and are now back at it. It isn’t easy! We have two grade school kids, a preschool and toddler. I am slightly jealous of my friends who have kids in school. They have more free time!

    Best to you and your family on this new adventure!!

  37. Good for you! I will keep your family in my prayers! 🙂

  38. How we doin, mama? It’s been awhile since this happened. Hope you’re well, blessed and peaceful.

  39. I realize it’s been about a year since this blog post and I received your November ideas in my inbox today. Just wondering how the first year of school went for your kids and what you’re up to now that you are almost finished with your degree.