The Sorrows of Mary Coloring Pages (One Page For Each Sorrow)

September is the month dedicated to the sorrows of Mary, and September 15 is the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. So here are 7 Coloring Pages- 1 for each of the Seven Sorrows of Mary. (Click the links, not the pictures.)

If you want a coloring page of the Sorrowful Heart Of Mary, I have a free one here.
Heart with flames and daggers in it

From Sermons 4 Kids

Presentation in the Temple Coloring Sheet


2 ~ The Flight into Egypt ~
From Children’s Bible School Lessons

Flight Into Egypt Coloring Sheet

From Our Precious Lambs

Loss of Jesus Coloring Sheet


From Catholic Mom

Way to Calvary Coloring Sheet


5~ The Crucifixion ~

From Sonntagsschule

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Crucifixion Coloring Sheet


From Super Coloring

Descent from the Cross Coloring Sheet


From Calvary Kids

Burial of Jesus Coloring Sheet

And you can find Our Lady of Sorrows Coloring Sheets
at Waltzing Matilda.


You can find all of my resources for teaching kids about Our Lady Of Sorrows here.

Seven Sorrows of Mary

If you’re looking for more ideas, check out my other resources on how to honor Mary with kids.

More Mary Resources for Kids


  1. I love all the coloring pages. You always find the best coloring pages. God Bless.

  2. A great idea Lacy. we'll print them off and use them.

  3. I love your blog it has so much great stuff. I always get great ideas from you. God Bless.

  4. Tiny Actions says

    The coloring pages are perfect. Thanks so much for taking the time to hunt these pictures down and share the links with all of us in the blogosphere.

  5. Love it. Some of your coloring page links are private for members only though.