5 Easy Systems To Enhance Any Homeschool

Anyone who knows me in real life knows that I always always say… write your plans in pencil and hand God the eraser! Well, I’m sure God was having a good laugh at me when I swore I would never homeschool again and I turned the homeschool room into a bedroom! lol!!! Well, now that more and more of us are boarding the homeschool train this year, I wanted to share some of my favorite and easiest systems that can enhance any homeshool! You can find all of my homeschool resources for families here. The ideas in today’s post would also help enhance any home education situation, including virtual school or distance learning.

Get Some Board Games

These are really good for kids. They teach sportsmanship, critical thinking skills, spelling skills, balancing skills, money counting skills- you name it! We love games here and they are a great way to keep growing those brains at home in a fun and easy way.

Have A Nature Table

This is just any surface you can provide in the home to collect cool nature stuff on. So if they find a cool rock, leaf, an abandoned wasp nest, acorns, dead butterflies… whatever. You can be like “ooh! That’s really cool! Put it on the nature table.” And they will. And they’ll feel proud. Put some other “Sciency” stuff on the table, too, like a magnifying glass and some bird identification books. This will encourage your kids to look at nature and make you feel like a super awesome mom. 

Fine Arts Wednesdays

Rather than trying to cram these things into regular school days, I find it far better to do the core subjects the other 4 days of the week and dedicate one day to the extras. It’s a great model because you do 2 days of school, get a fun day, then 2 more days of school, then the weekend. So you’re never doing more than 2 academic days in a row. My favorite way to do this is team up with one other homeschool family and take turns planning the fine arts activities.

But you can also do this yourself at home. We also love to have “poetry teas” each Wednesday, where we have a tea party for lunch and I read poetry to them while they eat. 

Choose A Handicraft For Each Semester

This is optional but brings a lot of fun, dimension, and well roundedness to a homeshool. This is a Charlotte Mason concept, and it a nutshell you cover 3 handicrafts per year, focusing on one at a time. This is something that goes a little bit above and beyond the academics. This could be something like crocheting, cake decorating, sewing, learning basic car skills, calligraphy, origami, whatever. Sometimes I simplify this for smaller kids and it may be something from a Klutz book like pop pop animal making, tiny animal sewing, or even pearler beads. 

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Encourage Reading With Easy Reading Charts

I have some free printable reading charts that work well for different ages. Make a basket of treats for kids and when they fill a chart they get a treat. You might be surprised at how well that works! Also, have children tell you about what they are reading to make sure they are comprehending it, so just have them tell you about the stories in their books while doing chores or other activities around the house. 

Book Of Centuries

I absolutely love this! It’s basically a timeline in a book. Each page represents one century, and whenever you learn about something, you draw or write about it on that page. This is a great way to watch years worth of education and different subjects come together. Religion, Geography, History, Literature… everything goes on the same timeline and helps you brain hold it all together! I have an easy printable to explain it more and help you get started.

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These 10 homeschool systems will help you solve the basic issues of everyday homeschool life that you might not have even thought of yet. 

You can find the rest of my homeschooling resources for families here.


  1. I love the fine arts day breaking up the academic days!!! I might be restructuring our weekly schedule now…

  2. Dear Lacy ,
    Thank you for sharing your love for our Lord, Jesus,His mother, Mary and His church. You have been an inspiration to me, a teacher for 22 years, 11 of those years a preschool teacher at a Catholic School. You have inspired me with your love for motherhood and education. We know they go hand in hand.
    For the past 4 years I have started my academic year for my Littles learning about Mary. We start around the celebration of her Nativity. This year I am thinking of reading the book, Mary’s Many Dresses, I think that is the name of it. When I first saw it, not on your web page, I was disappointed because our world always depicts women in elaborate, glorious dress and I thought now on our Holy Mother. This is a whole theme for me I am working through it. I don’t dress slobby. I know the importance of dressing well. After, much prayer and thought I teach throughout the year about Mary. I teach about our Lady of Fatima and our Lady of Guadalupe. This book can enrich my theme of Mary. I do not know where to buy it. Could you send me the link? I know I read about it on your web page your words helped me to grow and see past our culture of womanhood. Thank you
    God Bless and I pray you have a very Blessed year!
    Michelle Cordeiro
    Preschool Teacher