St. Anthony Feast Day Fun!

Saint Anthony’s feast day is coming up on June 13. He is a very popular Catholic saint- the patron saints of lost objects! Here is a classic prayer to St. Anthony- “Dear Saint Anthony, please come round- Something is lost and must be found!” :-) I am just tickled at some of these adorable ideas for celebrating St. Anthony’s feast day with kids!

So in honor of St. Anthony- patron of lost objects,
why not try a scavenger hunt like they did on Sweetness and Light
Check out this scavenger hunt on Curly Birds that lets kids work 
from pictures. You can print it for free! :-)

Ever heard of a Tonsure? It’s the name of the haircut that 
Franciscans have where part of their head is shaved.
St. Anthony has a Tonsure, see? 

So how about trying a Tonsure cake for St. Anthony’s feast day?!
I found this Tonsure Cake over on By Sun and Candlelight.

To read about the tradition of “St. Anthony’s Bread” and get
a recipe, visit Ruth over at Just Another Day in Paradise.

Hope you all enjoy the Feast of St. Anthony! God bless! :-)
Holy Heroes


  1. looksgoodinpolkadots says

    What is the fabulous book in the photo? I'd love to have one for my kids!

    Our parish is St. Anthony's so this is a special feast day… I love your idea for honoring it!

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