About Catholic Icing

Catho-o-lic  Ic-ing [Kath-uh-lic Ahy-sing] –noun (the Icing on your Catholic Cake)

1. A sweet, creamy spread of creative Catholic ideas for kids including
(but not limited to) crafts, lesson plans, activities, songs, games, and
coloring pages; The extra creamy topping to your solid foundation of
Catholic Cake.

2. Fun tools that meet children at their own level to help them know, love, and serve the Lord.

3. Christian resources freely shared to help a wide range of mothers,
teachers, and catechists everywhere enhance the faith of children.

The idea behind Catholic Icing is that it’s just the “fun extras” of our Catholic faith. Catholic Icing is devoted to creating and sharing free resources such as crafts, music, games, educational resources, and printable downloads. The internet has become the go-to place for people looking for information, and Catholic mothers and educators are online every day looking for fun ideas that can reach children at their own level. One mom wrote to me “This is a great site for moms with no clue. Now I am a hero to my children.” My goal is to instill a love for God and the Catholic church in children, and I plan to reach them with my site through their mothers and teachers. I want Catholic Icing to be the easy, go-to resource place for Catechists everywhere! Once you have a solid foundation for your faith, why not add some icing? 😉

Sometimes I feature cool Catholic crafts and such that I find on other blogs, but mostly I post original craft ideas that my children and I have completed together.  In order to help moms and teachers making plans, I try to run seasonal ideas at least a week before the actual feast day (or what-have-you) happens.

To start finding all the Catholic ideas this site has just waiting for you to discover, try searching the different categories in my navigation bar at the top of this site.  You can also check out my project gallery of completed crafts below- just click the picture and it will take you to directions on completing the craft.