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Christian 4th of July Crafts

Taking your regular 4th of July decorations and crafts and making them Christian can be as simple as using some very well known phrases! You can also add in crosses or other religious symbols into your celebrating. Today, let's check out some ideas for making Christian 4th of July crafts. Some of the phrases you can use in your Christian 4th of July crafts include: "In God We Trust" … [Read more...]

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton- Feast Day Jan 4

January 4 is the feast day of Elizabeth Ann Seton. She was the first American Saint, and opened a school as well as founded the Sisters of Charity. To read more about her life, click here. Then check out these ideas for celebrating this day! :-) Make this St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Craft using a holy card for her picture, or just print her picture from the internet. Or, try this craft. Put St. … [Read more...]