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How To Make Resurrection Eggs- 2 Dozen Ideas!

Check out all of my faith-based Easter crafts and recipes for kids here! If you've never heard of Resurrection Eggs, they are plastic Easter Eggs with different religious Easter symbols inside to help teach the Easter story to kids. Making my own resurrection eggs was one of the first religious activities I ever did at home. This is great even for young preschoolers! Here are the things I put … [Read more...]

St. Mary Magdalene (Resources For Kids)

Saint Mary Magdalen was an amazing woman and was very prominent figure in the Gospels! You might be surprised to find out that some of the things you think you know about Saint Mary Magdalene really aren't stories about her at all. This amazing Saint was the first to discover Jesus had risen from the dead, and her feast day is celebrated each year on  July 22 by many faiths including … [Read more...]

Celebrating Martinmas- The Feast Day Of St. Martin

The Feast day of St. Martin of Tours happens each year on November 11, and if often referred to as "Martinmas". I don't know about you, but I just love when these feast days have their own name!  This is a really big celebration in many areas of the world, especially Germany! Horseshoe shaped cakes are not the only tradition to celebrate this beautiful feast day, so let's take a look today at … [Read more...]

Feast Day Of Guardian Angels; 10 Ways To Celebrate

The guardian angel feast day happens each year on October 2. This is a super fun feast day to celebrate with your family! This posts focuses specifically on resources that are good for learning about guardian angels, but you can find all of my angel activities for kids here. For today I'm going to share with you 10 ways to celebrate the feast day of Guardian Angels with your family. Teach … [Read more...]

Angel Arts And Crafts For Kids (Ideas For All Ages!)

Angels are such a fun thing for Christian children of all denominations to learn about! You can find all of my fun angel resources for kids here. Today we are going to look at some angel arts and crafts for kids. Whatever your occasion, I am sure you will find some fun, easy, and replicatable angel ideas here to do with your kids. There are ideas here for all ages and abilities. Some of these … [Read more...]

Mary, Mother Of The Church (Feast Day Ideas For Kids)

This feast day is extra exciting because it's very new! The first year it was celebrated was 2018. I always love celebrating Marian feast days with my kids. You can find my resources for honoring Mary with your kids here. This is a moving feast day that happens the Monday after Pentecost Sunday each year. Now let's look at some ways to celebrate the Mary, Mother of the Church feast day with … [Read more...]

Doubting Thomas Story (Crafts And Activities For Kids)

Teaching your kids the stories of the Gospels is so important, and I always find that kids learn the best when I make it fun and relevant for them to reach them on their own level! This Sunday's Gospel is the story of "doubting Thomas" when he says he will not believe until he sees Jesus himself and feels the nail holes in his hands. St. Thomas's feast day is July 3, and you can find all my posts … [Read more...]

Ideas For Celebrating A Quarantined Easter Sunday

Well Easter Sunday is almost upon us, and with the world under a pandemic and many social distancing, a lot of us are going to be celebrating at home this year. And that's ok! I just wanted to send out this special edition post to offer some last minute ideas for making your Easter celebrations at home meaningful and easy for you. You can find all of my Christ centered ideas for celebrating Easter … [Read more...]

Fun Printable Cross Craft For Kids (Happy Crosses!)

The cross is the most basic Christian symbol that unites all the followers of Christ! I hope you enjoy this fun printable cross craft for kids. It can be so colorful and these crosses can take on really different personalities. It's also really easy to put together and stands up on its own! You can find all of my cross crafts for kids here. For now let me show you these fun happy … [Read more...]

Celebrating The Entire Easter Season With Catholic Kids- All 50 Days!

All the Easter crafts, snacks, games, books, etc. couldn't possibly all happen on actual Easter Sunday- it's too much! But that’s ok because the Church, in her infinite wisdom, granted an entire season of Easter that lasts for 50 days, all the way through Pentecost!  The secular (cultural) world tends to celebrate Easter during Lent up until Easter Sunday, and then packs up all the … [Read more...]