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Weekly Mass Resources For Kids (When Attending Mass Isn’t Possible)

Well it's happening, people. Churches all over the world are closing, and Mass is not possible for everyone in the near months because of precautions taken for the coronavirus. If your Masses have been canceled where you live, or if you can't attend for another reason, your obligation is lifted. However, when Mass isn't an option, especially long term, it becomes all the more important to send the … [Read more...]

How To Draw The Most Holy Name Of Jesus

I am still loving these drawing these weekly Friday how to draw videos for you guys! This week I decided to make a video for how to draw The Holy Name Of Jesus which is perfect for this time of year. The feast of the most holy name of Jesus is January 3, and in the Catholic church the entire month of January is dedicated to His holy name! This step by step video makes drawing the holy name of … [Read more...]

Make a Holy Water Bottle Craft with Catholic Kids

We made these Holy Water Bottle Necklaces when Anabelle was Baptized, and this was such a fun craft for Baptism! It got the kids involved, gave them something to look forward to, kept them occupied, and I got to teach the kids about Holy Water. Score! :-) How to Make a Holy Water Bottle Craft Making this Holy Water Bottle Craft was super easy and the kids really enjoyed it! Supplies Needed … [Read more...]

Alphabet Letter Of The Week Bag For Teaching Preschool

An alphabet letter bag is a bag that's full of objects that start with one particular letter- your letter of the week! I use these when teaching preschool to go with my letter of the week format in Catholic ABC's. I used to make new ones each week, but after teaching preschool for 6 straight years, I made some permanent letter sounds bags to avoid scrambling the night before co-op each week, and … [Read more...]

How to Start a First Holy Communion Journal / Notebook

I have seen first communion notebooks all over the internet, and I think they're a great idea! We happen to do notebooking pages with our homeschooling, so to extend this into First Communion Preparation seemed natural to me. To make it seem a little more personal, we are calling ours a First Holy Communion Journal. First I want to say whether you are homeschooling First Communion, or … [Read more...]

First Holy Communion Prep at Home- Kicking off the Year

My oldest is going to making her First Holy Communion this year, and we are making plans for prepping her at home. Although in most cases your child is required to complete their sacramental religious education at the church, that doesn't mean that we as parents don't also have a responsibility to prepare them at home- we most certainly do! The Catechism says... "The role of the parents in … [Read more...]

14 First Holy Communion Traditions

First Holy Communion is a very important event for Catholics and some other Christians! It is one of the 7 Sacraments, and it is the 3rd one received after Baptism and First Reconciliation. You can see an overview of First Communion for Catholics here. Today, I want to share with you some first holy communion traditions to help make this day more meaningful and memorable for your whole … [Read more...]

Christian Seder Meal For Holy Thursday- A Simple Menu Plan

I know there's some controversy over whether or not Christians should be having Seder meals and how authentic they should be, but I'd rather not debate that. If you don't want to have a Christian Seder, than please just don't read this post. You can find all of my holy week food ideas for kids here. On Holy Thursday a few years back, our family had a simple Christian Seder meal to remember … [Read more...]

Holy Thursday For Kids (Coloring, Activities, Crafts & More!)

Sometimes Holy Thursday is also known as "Green Thursday" or even "Maundy Thursday", and it's a really important day to Christians! A lot of Biblical things occurred on this day, and there are a lot of awesome traditions to do for Holy Thursday with your kids while living the liturgical year at home with them. So let's take a look at these ideas for celebrating Holy Thursday with … [Read more...]

Holy Spirit Craft – Handprint Dove

Catholic ABC's Week: 13  Letter of the week: H Theme: Holy Spirit Saint of the Week: St. Helen Craft: Holy Spirit Handprint Dove   As you all know, I love handprint crafts! For this one, start with a red piece of paper (the symbolic color for the Holy Spirit) and make a white handprint. Run glue up each finger (not the thumb) and attach a white feather. Add a yellow triangle … [Read more...]