Sacred and Immaculate Heart “Play Doh” Cookies

Don't let the name of these cookies scare you off- these are 100% edible cookies! They just look like play doh, and you get to play with them like you're a little kid again. And let me tell ya- your kids are gunna LOVE making these cookies! The feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus falls 19 days after Pentecost, which is this Friday. The Feast of the Immaculate Heart always falls on the day … [Read more...]

Religious St. Valentine’s Day Ideas

I thought with St. Valentine's Day literally right around the corner, you guys would appreciate some crafty ideas! I love this St. Valentine's Day wreath! It's a scripture wreath that looks like conversation hearts! (I like to call Tiffany the "Liturgical Wreath Lady". She never disappoints). :-) I love this bible word search! You have to find the words from Corinthians 13:4-8. So … [Read more...]

Healthy Saint Valentine’s Day Snack

When we made our Saint Valentine Puppets the other day, it just seemed that we should have a special snack in preparation for his feast day as well. :-) There are 2 reasons we didn't make heart shaped cookies. I soooo need to cut back on how much sugar my kids (and I) eat. I don't enjoy baking. So I opted for something easy and a little more nutritious. Doesn't it look … [Read more...]

Catholic Saint Valentine Craft

There's not much that we're certain of about Saint Valentine, but he might have been a bishop and he is often depicted that way. Since making the nun craft from yesterday, I've been obsessed with paper bag puppets! They are so much fun and my kids love them! So... we made St. Valentine! I now have an ebook available with templates for making virtually any Saint- Saint Puppet ebook … [Read more...]

Celebrate St. Valentine’s Feast Day- And Link Up Your Ideas, Too! :-)

As promised on Catholic Icing's facebook page, I'm hosting a St. Valentine's Day Link up in honor of this oh-so-popular saint. That's right- a saint! Catholics are reclaiming St. Valentine's Day! Whoot! First I'm going to share my past St. Valentine's Day ideas! Here are the heart shaped cinnamon rolls I made for St. Valentine's Day.   Last year we made some awesome decoder … [Read more...]

Catholic Decorating

I am so intrigued by the idea of decorating your home for the liturgical year, and I just LOVE this idea from Tiffany to make a Sacred Heart of Jesus wreath! Remember that the month of June is dedicated to the Sacred Heart, so you still have plenty of time to make your wreath. Also, I feel like the red roses give it a patriotic look that will go with your 4th of July decor :-) Head over to Family … [Read more...]

St. Valentine’s Day Cinnamon Rolls

As most people on this planet know quite well, St. Valentine's most popular symbol is the heart given that he is the patron saint of love, married couples, engaged couples, etc. Here is an easy breakfast treat we made for celebrating the feast day of St. Valentine! Heart Shaped Cinnamon Rolls! :-) What you need: One can of instant cinnamon rolls red food coloring (optional) Take … [Read more...]

Saint Valentine Feast Day Ideas

Here are some more ideas for celebrating St. Valentine's Feast day. Make this adorable matchbox craftwith Paper Dali!(And print St. Valentine's picture!) This St. Valentine coloring page comes with a little history! Print it here. Ten Kids and a Dog made this cute Saint Valentine Craft using a holy card, and it went along with their Saint Valentine Children's Book See more … [Read more...]

St. Valentine Craft and Card

I was inspired by another Valentine project I saw online here (an edible version) and I just knew I had to make this into a craft! You hand write your Valentines, and then make a decoder for reading them! I only wish my pictures did it justice! To make your own, just write your message on a piece of white paper with a fine tipped light blue marker. On this one I wrote "Love is Patient, Love … [Read more...]

John 3:16 Valentine Craft

I had seen this cute idea online in multiple places to spell out the word "Valentine" using the bible verse John 3:16. So I thought, "Why not make that into a kid's craft?" ;-) Took a little tweaking to convert it from the KJV to the RSV, but I figured it out. For older kids, they can start by writing "Valentine" down their paper any way you choose (in this example, I spelled it out written on … [Read more...]