Stations of the Cross Games

I don't know if any of you noticed, but one of my favorite Catholic sites (I Blog Therefore I Am) has changed her name to The Catholic Toolbox! :-) I LOVE this name because it's sooooo fitting! The amount of Catholic lesson plans, activities, and tools of every kind she has compiled seems to be endless. My favorite thing she has on her site is her games- she makes them all herself! Too see a list … [Read more...]

DIY Candle Stations of the Cross

I absolutely love stations of the cross that are candles. The idea is that after each station, you extinguish the coordinating candle. This way, at the end, the room is dark and somber. This amazing idea for votive stations of the cross originally came from Just Another Day in Paradise. She includes directions on how to make them yourself, and a link to the free printable stations she used! … [Read more...]

Make Stations of the Cross Grottos

I really enjoyed our Lent Link-up! Thanks to everyone who came and participated. I was really inspired by a lot of your ideas :-) What do you guys think about having another one for Easter? If we have an Easter link-up, should it be the week before Easter? Let me know in the comments ;-) Wouldn't you like to have your own stations of the cross at home? Well, you can and it won't cost you an arm … [Read more...]